I reported to the office yesterday before I 0630H yesterday since I am bed-ridden the other day after suffering from a slight migraine that prevented me from going to work. After all the things that I needed to rush for the requirements of the site, I was able to complete my job around 2000H. Even if I am too tired because of work, I was happy to see that my MCP kit (oh, okay, don’t blame me. I’m too shallow since this is the first time I got one) has arrived for the certification that I earned last year.

Actually there are 3 things that arrived yesterday: 2 from Microsoft and a Christmas card from a good friend of mine from the Land of Oz. The first Microsoft envelope was a certificate indicating that I am (finally) a MCP. The second one was a mere copy (lol) of the first one plus the discount voucher to the MCP eStore and my MCP ID.

The MCP ID now is different from the ones that I saw last year (or I am not sure if that’s because of the different track aka New Generation of certifications that I started). If my memory serves me right, the previous MCP ID is a yellow one.

Of course, the certificate with Bill G’s signature won’t be absent. I am wondering what’s the difference with the one that is signed by Steve B and the one signed by Bill G?

The welcome kit is actually bigger than from what I expected. Behind the carton kit is my 15″ laptop and it really covered the whole thing. I am now poised to take a more serious challenge of taking 70-536. It was my fault not taking the exam during the free period (the vouchers given away during the Microsoft Application Platform Launch) and maybe when I get the chance again of saving for the exams, I’ll get started once again to complete the MCTS: Web Developer track (and hopefully gearing towards MCPD).


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