Kudos Canon Philippines!


During my previous trip to Hong Kong, my lens malfunctioned and the camera displays an Error 99. According to various sources in the internet, an Error 99 is a generic error displayed when the real problem isn’t identified by the body. Furthermore, local photography forums tell that Error 99 could be an error between the contacts of the lens and of the body.

Prior my trip, I had 2 of my lenses and my 400D cleaned by Canon since I want to take advantage of the free cleaning while my lenses are still under warranty. I was able to get my items in less than 2 weeks thinking the things would be good to go. However, things didn’t go well as expected as when I was in Ocean Park, I continuously get this frikkin Error 99 and I thought that this is just a battery problem. Upon reaching back in the Philippines, I opened an extra original Canon battery for my 400D to test if the problem would go away but to my dismay, it persisted.

I had my unit returned to the service center where I have it cleaned and reported back the error that it gives me. I explained to them the problem that I am experiencing and I asked them for an explanation for the status indicated in the report that they have given me (for the 2 lenses) but their explanation isn’t acceptable. While they accepted my unit again for check-up, I followed-up my unit days after, and the status of my lens was they are still waiting for the delivery of the part needed to be replaced.

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Official Canon 5D Mark II and 50D Philippine Prices

Tonight would be Canon Philippines’ Canon Photographers night. Cameras that will be introduced are the following and their corresponding Canon Marketing Philippines (CMPI) prices. More often than not, prices at Hidalgo would be lower. Prices indicated here are collated from various Philippine photography forums and should there be changes, I will be updating it after the event later.


EOS 1000D Kit w 18-55mm IS     – P32,995.00

Item is available in DZone stores


EOS 50D    Body Only               – P64,950.00
EOS 50D Kit w 18-55mm IS        – P72,950.00
EOS 50D Kit w 18-200mm IS      – P94,950.00

Availability would be on first week of October


EOS 5DMarkII Body Only           – P128,000.00
EOS 5DMarkII Kit w 24-105mm IS – 182,550.00

Availability would be on November/December timeframe

Powershot SX1 IS                     – TBA
Powershot G10                         – TBA

Special offer for those buying the cameras (or perhaps pre-order) would be a 2 year extended warranty. Isn’t it a great deal?

Good times for Canon users ahead! Personally, I am eyeing the 50d but the price of 5D Mark II is cheap for a full-frame camera.

Canon EOS Photographer’s Night

Great news for Canon EOS shooters in the Philippines. Canon Philippines is hosting a Photographer’s Night on 25 September 2008 with a teaser of unveiling of three magnificent and spectacular cameras – safe to assume (with emphasis that is assume) that this could be the Philippine launch of Canon EOS 50D, 1000D, and perhaps the most anticipated new full-frame body of Canon (5D Mark II, 7D, 3D, or whatever).

You can click on the image to view the full-size of the ad. I know this is marketing and perhaps one of the reasons to love Canon more. 🙂

Canon 50D ‘Specifications’

I am quite interested with Canon’s next offerings for the bodies as I think that they have been trumped by Nikon’s new body releases (and of course their full frame line-up). Not that I am upgrading in the near future but I am curious with the so-called Canon 50D specifications, part of the Canon’s XX-family lineup. Rumors have been circulating until a post from Canon China has surfaced.

Official Website Link

Translated Link (for those who don’t understand Chinese like me. Thanks to Google!)

Specifications mentioned are:

1.6x crop
Digic 4
Dust Reduction
Auto Brightness Processing
95% viewfinder .97 magnification
9 point af (All Cross Type)
AF Fine Tuning
Face Recognition AF
ISO 100-3200 (Expansion to 6400, 12800)
14-bit image processing
Auto CA correction
In-Camera Anti-Shake
6.3 fps (high speed) 3fps (low speed)
Buffer: 16 RAW – 60 JPG – 10 RAW+JPG
100,000 shutter life
HDMI Output
VGA LCD (920,000 pixel)

Hmmm.. promising. 🙂

Canon Philippines August 2008 Lens Sale

I passed by Canon DZone SM North Edsa to confirm the “rumors” that there’s another Canon lens sale.  On my first look, lens prices are indeed lower however, due to the weaker peso as compared last time, the discount is only 20% from the former 30%. The prices are as follows:

model/SRP/sale price/old sale price

24-105 f4L ISU – 66250/53000/46875
70-300 – 40300/32240/28500
85 1.2 – 127200/101800/90000
17-55 2.8 – 63550/52000/44962
70-200 f4L ISU – 63550/52000/44963
18-55 ISU – 9858/8000
85 1.8 – 19600/16000
100-400 L – 90100/72100/63750
70-200 f4L U – 41350/33100/29250
28-105 U II – 12000/9600
75-300 U III – 10400/8400
24-70 f2.8L – 71550/57300/50625
17-40 f4L – 41350/33100/29250
17-85 ISU – 32900/26500

I don’t have money so I guess I have to pass on this one. 🙂

Canon Peeps EB?

A post in the Digital Photographer Philippines – Canon thread was opened up to the idea of Canon users in the Philippines (well at the least in Metro Manila first). After several suggestions, options was opened up – some of the posters eventually met in a soon-to-be studio in Makati.

We brainstormed.

And we discussed.

At the end of the day, it means that something is being prepared. 🙂 Luckily, we have Jay Tablante with us who just came from a shoot with R.S. and C.R. that day.