I really don’t know what’s the fuss over tagging not until I read Adrian’s blog and there he mentioned that I am “tagged”. So I think I am forced to disclose 5 things about me that people don’t know.

I think here it is:

1. I am the thinnest among my siblings when I was younger. As a matter of fact, I am the one more prone to sickness (even the common ones; e.g. colds, dry coughs).

2. I hate main meals with coconut milk (in Filipino gata). But I do enjoy eating merienda meals with coconut milk such as ginataan, ukoy, etc.

3. I am a vain guy. I have a complete set of deodorants, perfumes, facial wash, and soap. I don’t take a bath without a facial wash. I barely ran out of stocks since I see to it that when a certain toiletry is depleting, I buy it ahead. Did I say I always shop for 2 items?

4. I am a sentimental person. I prefer to listen on soft melancholic songs rather than rock songs. Melancholic songs also include Church hymns and songs as well as choral music.

5. I love to dance. As someone who goes to Fitness First, I always see to it that I attend at least 2 sessions of their Body Jam class a week.

I guess there it goes. I think those that I want to be tagged has been tagged by others. I still have to think who should I tag.

Surprised with the revelations?


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