The year that was (and the itch to write again)

It’s been more than a year since I had time to write in my blog and that one has a bad tone to it. For the past year, it’s not that I have totally given up on writing, but events led after that offloading scenario with Delta proved to be challenging up to the second quarter of the year that led me to a hiatus.


Ideas to write never waned. In fact, most people that I have been with (work, friends, relatives, gym mates, random discussions) would say that I am sort of Mr.-I-have-sort-of-opinion-to-almost-anything-under-the-sun and the train of thoughts never seem to run out. While I kept myself active in different ways (like doing speaking engagements, and all), the randomness of things makes it difficult to write a coherent post for discussion. When things seem to be going back after the turmoil – the biggest event of my life came in when I got word that my petition to work in the US have been granted after so many delays. This further pushed writing to the backlog as I had to go through the things that has to be done as part of the process of moving out.


While working in the US isn’t really a new thing for me, I thought planned things would work out and eventually will allow me to go back writing, but  it turned out differently. Trying to go back to writing was overwhelmed with adjustments and things about relocation and starting over again. Random instances when I get to write usually end up with poems, haiku, and “hugot” lines written in pieces of paper, pages in notebooks, and some saved in my phone.  These became my outlet of bursting out unspoken feelings and emotions with the changes that came. For the most part since I have arrived in the US, aside from answering e-mails and calls for projects, my routine involves revisiting the things that I have done before, putting them in a narrative that would frame well my skills and capabilities, highlighting contents of my resume and how these would fit in the requirements of the consultant position companies look for. I would say that this thing is quite easy to tell as I have worked really on these projects plus the fact that I have been doing public speaking before talking about technology and all. (The whole process of being a consultant here in the US warrants a separate post, and would be part of the discussion of the personal project I am working on).



As things move down slowly towards the end of the year (Thanksgiving and the Christmas season) and me adapting more to my new environment, I had a chance to revisit things that I have been doing before and the joy of writing came up again. Writing at times enable me to speak out my mind when there’s no one else is listening, and allows to have snapshots of the thoughts which can be said as photographs of what’s running in our heads. Likewise, aside from writing, I had a chance to rekindle my passion for photography. The environment I am staying is conducive for me to go places and take photos of their wonder.


Moving forward to 2017, it would be a personal goal to reestablish the blog, more of an avenue to express my thoughts, things that I work on and the photos that I love to take. It might take a while to set-up things but taking off (again) from this address would be a start of a new journey for me.  As I close this entry, I wish everyone  a prosperous New Year ahead! Nothing beats the excitement of starting again with the promise of new opportunities and making things better as before!




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