Second Time Around

This year’s Microsoft MVP Summit is my second (2011 was the first) and so far the best that I have experienced! It was without my knowledge that this year, if not for my friend that 2013 would be the 20th year that the program is in place and making it in this momentous event has caught me by surprise.

The range of topics for my specific area of expertise are exciting in the sense that I can’t wait to get dirty with my hands as well using those. Of course, what they’re are – are still covered by NDA hence, it can’t be released in public until Microsoft makes it public themselves. I could remember that during the last summit, what we are currently using were previewed then but with MVPs’ input and in various CTP releases, they have shipped a good product where everyone is pleased (not giving specifics but it is released in VS 2012). 🙂

Prior to the summit, selecting my sessions, I realized that most of ASP.NET/IIS related topics are assigned in Hyatt. In a way, I am disappointed by it as the previous summit that I have attended, sessions were held in the main campus in various buildings. Given that I have attended only 2, there were some differences with the range of activities held however, I am pretty much satisfied with how things worked this time – logistics, food, internet (a must!) and activities.

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But more than the sessions, I really liked as well the activities on socialization where I got to meet not only Microsoft People that I look up to but also different MVPs from other countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and UK. Likewise, I was able to meet Filipino MVPs who are based on other countries as well. Aside from pleasantries, the exchange of communication was the highlight of the event. That is where we put faces behind the names and talk about common interests and share techniques and approaches that would help fill up best-practices in our respective organizations. The camaraderie has shown that the MVPs are not just techie guys but fun guys as well fueled with passion to use and share about the Microsoft technologies. This passion drives the most of us to PASS It ON to others to make lives, experiences, and computing better!

Happy 20th Microsoft MVP!


2009 Philippine Bar Results Are Out!

Luckily, my high school batchmate and college classmate passed the bar!

Congratulations guys!

Since SC’s site is slow, here’s a mirror of the results. Exact HTML page converted to PDF from Supreme Court’s website.

Philippine Airlines (PAL) Seat Sale


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I got this information fed in my Facebook account. For all travellers out there, take note of this seat sale by PAL for only 2 days: 27-28 April 2009.

Travel Period for the tickets are the following:

(Regional) : 1 June 2009 – 15 October 2009
(TransPacific, 1 way) : 1 June 2009 – 25 December 2009
(TransPacific, RoundTrip) : 1 Sept 2009 – 25 December 2009

And I am still thinking if I can get a seat in this sale. 😛

Caramoan Weekend

I had the privilege of visiting some of the Philippines’ not so popular yet so beautiful places to visit last weekend. Together with my friend Jasper, we took the Caramoan trip scheduled for April 4-6 of TravelFactor and off we go. It’s a 3 day beach bumming experience – something that I never had for quite some time. The last beach that I went to was last year with my college blockmates but I wasn’t able to join them this year since I was out of the country then.


What I liked about this travel is that I don’t have to go that far to go to the meeting place. Our office building is just a few blocks away from the meeting place and coming from work to travel won’t be that of a hassle. We left Manila a bit late Friday evening and the horrendous traffic ruined our supposed Day 1 itinerary. Instead of doing nothing, our Day 2 itinerary was moved to Day 1 and so as not to waste time we toured around Caramoan town proper. We had some sort of photoshoot of the nearby structures and fortunately was able to see a Church. We capped the night with a hearty seafood dinner consisting of squid, fish, and other seafoods mixed with beans.

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I Support PinoyWebStartUp

Pinoy Web Startup - tech startup profiles in the Philippines

Because I am starting one myself focusing on making custom web application development with ASP.NET 2.0/3.5 and PHP. I develop, I don’t design. Luckily, I have a friend who designs for free (basta para kay Yummy este sa charity).

I hope to launch it before the year ends, if not, early next year.

MRT-LRT Loop Connection


GMANews.TV reported yesterday a not-so-good news but some of the contents are something to look forward. In their article, they mentioned the following:

The construction of the MRT extension from North Avenue in Quezon City to Monumento started in October.

The MRT-LRT loop project would cover at least five stations and span 5.71 kilometers. It is expected to be completed and operational by May 2010.

The project aims to put up new stations in Balintawak, Roosevelt/Muñoz while the North Avenue Station of the MRT and the Monumento Grand Central station of the LRT 1 would be improved.

I think this project is long overdue and finally it would be good headstart but hope that this project won’t be another propaganda to be used since May 2010, the project’s expected rollout, is the schedule of the next presidential elections in the Philippines. This project is really something to look forward since traveling using MRT and LRT proves to be a bad experience especially during rush hours. Add to that the discourteous riders who doesn’t know how to let alighting passengers go first and the constant reminder not to step in the yellow tiled platform (do I need to mention that the Filipino reminder is being announced first before the English reminder?). If this project would be successful, it will help decongest the North Avenue station (and moreso the traffic going towards that station during mornings) and the proponents would consider increasing the frequency of the trains especially on rush hours.

Although I expect this won’t be at par with the existing LRT/MRT stations that I’ve been to in other countries (at the least in terms of efficiency of transfera and ticketing service in Singapore and in Hong Kong), this is still better than none. Furthermore, they should scrap the segregated seating scheme as it doesn’t promote equality but more of a sexist approach to a problem that could have been answered by simply implementing an efficient implementation of security in stations. Isn’t that we pay for the same fare and yet certain individuals enjoy some privileges at the expense of others?

Friendster’s Official Statement on Downtime


Luckily, a schoolmate of mine (though of a younger batch), who works for Friendster Philippines has posted in our internal Yahoo Groups the official statement of Friendster regarding the “missing” friends issue (and the other issues related with it):

There have been text messages going around in PH, saying that there was a virus that wiped out the accounts in our database, and thus causing people’s friends to be lost.

To help address our users’ concerns, here are some FAQs:

1) What happened to my friends?

  • Currently, the number of friends in the friends list is being displayed incorrectly.

2) Are my friends lost permanently?

  • No. The data for all friend connections is intact and is not lost.

3) When can this be fixed?

  • Friendster is currently working on this problem and we hope to have this fixed within 24 hours.

4) Can I still add friends while the problem has not yet been fixed?

  • Yes, users can still add new friends and use other features of the site.

5) What caused this problem?

  • Friendster’s data center lost power, and as a result, the memory caching of data was affected. Since Friendster has 85M users, the cache is taking a considerable amount of time to build. Once the cache has been completely built, all friends will re-appear.

<Name Withheld>
Performance Engineer
Friendster Inc.

So there it goes. Hope it will get fixed soon. Nope, I haven’t checked my Friendster yet – I’m still working my arse off in the office. 😛 Eventhough, even if my “list” isn’t rebuilt yet, I already know at least 1 contact who was “lost” and unfortunately, she’s not just a contact but my first degree cousin. 😦