Getting Started with VR

Today marks the date where I have officially embraced developing VR as a hobbyist.

This is a culmination of a long struggle of mine of finding a pseudo-blue ocean platform where only a few have started. I might be wrong at this aspect but having been exposed to an environment where there’s a lot of developers are doing technology X, framework Y, language Z, scripting A, there’s always an inkling inside of me to do something else, to differentiate myself from the rest of the crowd.

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I Have Moved!


It’s been a long time since I last blogged and I decided to resume it on my self-hosted domain –

I think I would be able to express better my thoughts on things about the Web,  life,  travels,  and photography on a platform that gives me flexibility.

As part of the revamp, I decided to drop the name BuLOnG for another one that better reflects my personal perspective – #theboywhotravels. I am still fixing some items on the new location but I will try to be more active on that one.

To all the readers and those who have participated in this blog, thanks for being a part. A chapter has closed and a better one has opened on


Updating from Windows 8.1 to 8.1 Pro

Today marked the General Availability of Windows 8.1. While I am a MSDN subscriber, the slow connection getting the bits made it through the GA of the OS. The road to updating from Windows 8 Pro to Windows 8.1 Pro wasn’t a smooth one – at the least on my current setup. Here are the issues that I passed through:

1) My Windows 8 Pro installation sits on a virtual hard drive. Given that, I cannot “upgrade” my image with 8.1 with an ISO. While I haven’t tried updating it via the Windows Store, I prefer having an ISO lunging around. What I did is to back-up the files in my Windows 8 Pro installation to another storage and followed the VHD installation again.

It went smoothly and as far as I can remember, the installation is faster as compared to Windows 8.

2) During the post-install process, I accidentally keyed-in a Windows 8.1 product key (other SKUs being 8.1 Pro and Enterprise but the image of the non-Pro and Pro is just the same). I didn’t realize it until I installed Visual Studio 2013 and an error was reported that I cannot add myself to the Hyper-V Administrator’s group. I launched the MMC snap-in and tried adding the Local Users and Groups section – it said though that the version of Windows 8.1 doesn’t allow me to do it. I checked the product key that I got hours earlier and indeed it is the base SKU product key that I keyed-in. I tried changing the product key clicking this area:

Unfortunately, despite best efforts to click on it – it doesn’t help. Then I scrolled around, looked for forum posts and never I did realize that the answer to my question is in the same screen as above.

That prompted me to a 2 step process of providing the pro product key. After 1 restart and voila,  I am updated to the pro version! Much more I like it and the fact that I can now boot directly to the desktop is a wow!

We sometimes overlook things, it happens. 🙂

Desperate Move, Spammers. :P

For some strange encounter I had with a fictitious company more than 2 years ago, I blogged that experience in this location. This post got several comments affirming the situation. Earlier today, certain quarters “attacked” my site disputing my claim. See the photos for such. Surprisingly, they bitched out on the wrong person and no wonder these “people” disputing my claim use different e-mails but same IP address. Since they are not legitimate users, they cannot delete their posts. I WON’T DELETE THEM. Let people see your desperate acts.

Sorry my dear “posters”, I’m not stupid. A wrong and desperate move. 😛

Body Jam 51 Tracklist



My fan also sent me the list for Body Jam 51. Yes, I am also a jammer with a hesitation of dancing on Sundays due to _________ classmates. I noticed that there are few unique songs and some are remixes of the same track. Reminds me of BJ 38 (Ran Kan Kan) and BJ 47 with Waters of March.

  1. Scared Of Me –  Fedde le Grand feat. Mitch Crown
  2. Freeze –  T-Pain feat. Chris Brown
  3. Shut Up And Let Me Go – The Ting Tings
  4. Da Latin Bomb – Filip Le Frick
  5. Oye Gloria – Estefan
  6. Oye Como Va (Filip Le Frick Remix) – Tito Puente Jnr feat. India
  7. Oye Como Va (Love Assassins Remix) – Tito Puente Jnr feat. India
  8. Oye (Pablo Flores 12″ Mix) – Gloria Estefan
  9. One Minute Man – feat. Ludacris Elliot, Missy “Misdemeanor”
  10. Bucci Bag – Vandalism
  11. My House –  Kids Of 88
  12. Leave The World Behind (Dabruck & Klein Remix)  –  Axwell, Ingrosso, Angello, Laidback Luke feat. Deborah Cox
  13. Leave The World Behind –  Axwell, Ingrosso, Angello, Laidback Luke feat. Deborah Cox
  14. I’ll Do Anything For You (Original Mix) –  Lee McDonald
  15. Breathe Into Me (D.O.N.S & Menck Club Mix) –  D.O.N.S. feat. Luke Parkin & Moira

And to answer my “fan”‘s request, how about the music? LOL!

A Wrong Solution To A Problem

Photos by John Javellana

It’s enough and it ain’t getting better. I have been keeping my views on this for quite some time but my outrage have to be exposed and be heard.

A friend of mine posted this news article about the current government’s short term solution to the prevailing crisis on food, etc. To wit:

The cash subsidies, which will be distributed by the government-owned Land Bank of the Philippines through A.T.M.-like cards, “should provide immediate emergency assistance to the extremely poor,” Esperanza Cabral, the secretary of social welfare, said Sunday.

The program, at an estimated cost to the government of five billion pesos ($120 million) a year, is expected to benefit about 300,000 families in the poorest provinces. The plan is for each family to receive 500 pesos a month and an additional 300 pesos in monthly support per child, up to a maximum of three children. A typical Filipino household has more than three children.

Ah ok – I am paying taxes just to feed indolent people. People who usually shout at the streets clamoring for something that they don’t completely understand; people who join rallies and litter the streets with garbage afterwards. I do wonder why the government doesn’t think of the people who feed this country by virtue of taxes, people who work their assess off just to make the ends meet rather than those who continuous bear children that they cannot raise and provide well with the basic needs for nurturing and nourishment.

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Saving For Something

Just some tips on how to save money for something – emergency, impulse buying etc.

Whenever I have loose 10 peso coins, I always see to it that that would be saved somewhere. I am in a way “inspired” by my officemate who first started collecting 10 peso coins as well and I have decided to follow suit.

What I usually do for every payday, after paying the bills that I am obligated by my parents to pay, I keep a certain amount to be used for my daily expenses. 200 pesos would be enough for a day that would include fare, food, and other miscellaneous expenses that may come in the day. Should I exceed 200 pesos, the excess amount would be deducted from my 200 pesos allowance for the next day. If I spent less than 200 pesos a day, the remaining amount or any 10 peso coin for my personal consumption would go to my ped (as seen above). Since the 200 pesos is the daily “allowance”, anything I can save is considered as “expenses” even if I save something.

The coins in return are grouped into pieces of 10 (except for the 1 peso coins which I group in 20s) for proper handling and accounting. Once my ped is filled-up with coins, I put them in a coin bank or deposit it and that in turn appears to be an “additional” income for myself. I remember during my planning for payment of my last lens purchase, I told myself that I want to keep my monthly dues below 3,000 pesos. On the day that I was suppose to buy the lens, I remembered that I have 10 peso coins in my ped that I can use for my purchase. If you’re going to fill up the right most part of coins with groups of 10 peso coins, it can fill-up up to 27 pieces thus giving me an extra of 2,700. That instantly reduced the monthly amortization that I have to pay for the lens.

Living in a complex behind a flagship branch of a popular mall here in the Philippines makes me vulnerable to impulse buying. Sometimes the budget allotted for something goes to the item I want to buy for the sake of just buying it. With this practice, it would be easier for me to acquire something for less as I don’t totally spend the whole amount of the item I want from my main sources.

Hope this one gave you an idea as well on how to save for something.