Updating Angular 2 + ASP.NET Core Web Template for Visual Studio 2017 RTM

I am currently starting a new project for ASP.NET Core 1.1 when I suddenly realized that there’s a template that I can probably use for this.  Unfortunately though, the VS extension isn’t updated yet for Visual Studio 2017.


If you try to install this with only VS 2017 installed in your machine, you won’t be able to and you’ll be faced with this error –


Fortunately, not all is lost yet. You can still install this template on your machine by doing the following:

  1. Extract the VSIX package
  2. Change the manifest file, replace references to 14 (Visual Studio 2015 is Version 14) to 15 (Visual Studio 2017), and save it.


  3.  Once saved, you need to package back the extracted folder to a VSIX file


  4. From here you can install the package in VS 2017. There are some error warnings, but you can ignore it (for now)


  5. Upon launching Visual Studio 2017, you would see that a new project template can be selected

    Screenshot (19)

  6. Once created, you would see that some of the packages aren’t installed. These would be automatically restored by Visual Studio.

    Screenshot (21)

  7. Ctrl + F5 and you’re good to go!



By default, the project that would be created is still on .NET Core 1.0. I changed the target to .NET Core 1.1 and the project ran as it is.

While this is a workaround for now, the official extension with more features hopefully would be released soon.




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