An Unfortunate SM North Edsa IMAX Experience

With the recent changes SM North EDSA has done with its structure, they got my attention once more. I gave up on SM since the arrival of TriNoma – not that I no longer visit them but I spend more time roaming around in TriNoma because of the newer facilities and better malling experience. SM somehow got me back upon the addition of certain structures such as the Skygarden and the improvement made on SM Annex.

Upon learning that a new IMAX theater is being constructed in the mall, I got to excited to learn about the details. Later on, they announced that the theater’s opening will coincide on the opening day of Harry Potter 6. I immediately made a note on my Facebook account and invited people to watch with me of course on their own pockets. It’s just that I’ll make an advanced reservation for them.

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IMAX @ SM North Edsa

I made a note in my Facebook account stating that an IMAX Theater is being constructed in SM North Edsa. All the while, I thought that the construction at SM Cinema 12 was for the improvement of the cinema house for rental purposes (some of the theaters of SM North are being used for plays, nursing reviews, mini concerts, etc) other than cinema showing but was surprised that it was IMAX is being constructed there.


This after, I got the chance to pass by and now they are pre-selling tickets to “Harry Potter” n July 16 in IMAX in SM North for 400 pesos. Now, as someone who lives near SM North, I hope I won’t let this chance pass. I’m watching HP at IMAX this time without the hassle of going to SM Mall of Asia. The guy at the booth (where they pre-sell) told me that they have a better experience as compared to SM MOA. Yeah right, enough of marketing, I’ll see it when I watch then.


Now, who wants to watch with me? He he he.

Friendster Bug?


I am currently studying some of the existing social networking sites for one project that I have been doing. In my laptop, my profile cookie in Friendster is saved since I am the only person using that laptop. That alone would save me from entering my credentials over and over again when I visit that page.

A certain concept in the design of social networking sites is common across sites and that is having a “limited” profile view. That is, you won’t be able to see the whole profile of the person you are viewing unless you are a contact or a friend of that person. Facebook’s implementation is too conservative while LinkedIn’s is customizable. Beyond Multiply (which I am more familiar with), Friendster is one of those popular social networking sites here in the Philippines, and I reviewed it. I barely check on other’s profile that’s why I don’t have a complete picture of how can you view a restricted profile in Friendster. I opened my IE wherein I am not logged-in in Friendster. I was able to see the “restricted” view of my friend’s profile BUT I noticed that the “Login” link was changed to “Log Out”. When I clicked on the “Profile” tab, my page was loaded.

I logged-out from Friendster in IE (even if I didn’t log-in), had a hard refresh (ctrl+f5) around 5 times. Closed the browser and repeated the same steps again and I found out that I was even logged in after all those things. Could this be another case of a faulty security implementation? As far as I know, two different browsers cannot share the same cookie of the same domain. From what I suspect, Friendster could have been storing sessions of users in their database that includes the username/email of the person, IP address, and the time they were last seen online. If a request has been made from another browser (say in my case in IE, where I am not logged-in) when a user tries to view a user but isn’t logged-in, the request would check from the database if an active session is in place from the same IP address and if a record is found, the request would make an authentication cookie in the browser even if he/she hasn’t logged-in in the system. I think this scenario is a security concern – case for example would be in a typical internet cafe set-up where only one public IP is being published, it is possible that even if you’re not logged-in in your account, you would be able to gain some “control” over the other accounts. While other features would prevent you from changing the password but the mere fact that you are able to log-in to an account isn’t yours or didn’t intentionally log-in, once the intruder makes some changes to your profile, it could mean a lot of things especially those that can see the spoiled information.

I am not sure if you can replicate the error, I think it is not just happening to me. Try it and let’s talk it over.

Friendster’s Official Statement on Downtime


Luckily, a schoolmate of mine (though of a younger batch), who works for Friendster Philippines has posted in our internal Yahoo Groups the official statement of Friendster regarding the “missing” friends issue (and the other issues related with it):

There have been text messages going around in PH, saying that there was a virus that wiped out the accounts in our database, and thus causing people’s friends to be lost.

To help address our users’ concerns, here are some FAQs:

1) What happened to my friends?

  • Currently, the number of friends in the friends list is being displayed incorrectly.

2) Are my friends lost permanently?

  • No. The data for all friend connections is intact and is not lost.

3) When can this be fixed?

  • Friendster is currently working on this problem and we hope to have this fixed within 24 hours.

4) Can I still add friends while the problem has not yet been fixed?

  • Yes, users can still add new friends and use other features of the site.

5) What caused this problem?

  • Friendster’s data center lost power, and as a result, the memory caching of data was affected. Since Friendster has 85M users, the cache is taking a considerable amount of time to build. Once the cache has been completely built, all friends will re-appear.

<Name Withheld>
Performance Engineer
Friendster Inc.

So there it goes. Hope it will get fixed soon. Nope, I haven’t checked my Friendster yet – I’m still working my arse off in the office. 😛 Eventhough, even if my “list” isn’t rebuilt yet, I already know at least 1 contact who was “lost” and unfortunately, she’s not just a contact but my first degree cousin. 😦

I Missed Blogging

I timed-in in the office today at around 5:47 am since I will be on a shift-change from 6am-3pm. This isn’t permanent and I just had to do it for today since I have a family affair to attend later.

Opening Outlook, I noticed that the feedback I am waiting for a particular task hasn’t arrived yet so I had the luxury of opening some websites for me to check – at the least before I start official work by 6:00 am. Since my blog was the least opened most wanted site for me (and the heck of the irony), I realized how long have I been inactive doing blog posts. Indeed, I would agree people would always look for quality than quantity posts in a blog but I think sometimes you have to forget about this and tell what’s happening and what plays on your mind. Comparing the activity that I had with my previous blog, I think I had the luxury of time and it seems like I missed the good old days wherein I have something to say to the world, at least one post a day.

With the recent work environment changes, work load I had for the past months, it has taken a toll against my blogging activity and I hope I can resume blogging regularly – at the least on the personal and non-tech site. However, I still maintain a tech blog where I put my web-related (at this point, currently ASP.NET related) posts at

Despite having a lot of visitors (been averaging at least 50-80 readers a day), whether or not I know these people, I think I owe them something that I can share. 🙂

Revisiting Oh-Eight Goals

In my blog during the start of the year (well not exactly, it’s a day after the first day), I aimed to reach certain goals and I would like to check if I remained committed to those. It’s been 6 months since I last wrote that entry and my progress might or might not stick to my goals:

To wit:

  1. Reduce spending on camera gear. The figures alone sounds alarming yet I am happy with my gear.
  2. Save more! If #1 is followed, this will happen.
  3. Lose at least 30 pounds in the next 6 months.
  4. Go to at least 2 Philippine destinations that I haven’t visited before.

1. Unfortunately, I broke my goal the month after I wrote that. I spent something for an ultra-wide glass (Canon EF-S 10-22) which up to know I am still paying. 😦

2. Goes to show because of #1, I wasn’t able to save well, but I am saving something for the rainy days. What’s good is that I have alternative sources of income – call that parallel income. 🙂

3. I only lost 20 pounds. Not bad from a target goal of 30 pounds but I’ll try to do my best to reach that. I plan to include swimming in my regimen to get a toning workout for myself. 🙂

4. I went to Batanes last February and I’m off to Dos Palmas this last week of June. 🙂
And I wasn’t that bad at all. Goals, like what I’ve said are better than resolutions. Resolutions are rehashed “promises” that we ourselves tend to break. If we focus ourselves attaining to something specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound (SMART), things would have been lot easier and goals can be easily reached.

How about yours? Have you checked your goals/resolutions lately?