Hitting The Water


It’s been quite some time since I last updated my blog due to a lot of things. The past 2 months has been very busy for me juggling myself with work, with training, and my other activities that prevents me from blogging. The most exciting part of that phase is my first-ever trip to the United States (US) as the company sent me for training in Ohio. As someone who just dreamt of going there someday, the excitement, apprehensions, and all the other things came into place but one thing really made me think hard – my diet when I stay there.

Being conscious with numbers in the weighing scale, I am quite afraid that the trip that I’ll be doing to the US will take a toll against my weight loss journey considering the not-so-popular “American diet” that’s literally world’s apart from what I am currently taking.  I am not sure if there would be a gym in the hotel that I’ll be staying (where I can continue my workout) but one thing for sure, there should be a pool. Given that scenario, I can now push through with my swimming plans – another physical activity to add to my list of gym, indoor cycling, and running. I told myself that swimming would be one of the exercises that I can do that is low-impact (correct me if I’m wrong) and yet can still help me achieving my goals.

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Body Jam 47 Tracklist

Body Jam 46 has just been launched days ago here in the Philippines and I accidentally found the track list for the next release – something I can expect on January 2009 – Body Jam 47! I am not sure if this is the exact track list but only time can tell if this is really the list.

1. See Me – Jesse Voorn featuring ZoeXenia
2. Beat Goes On – Minikin Feat G
3. Don’t Touch Me (Throw Da Water On ‘Em) (Clean Version) – Busta Rhymes
4. In The Ayer (Feat Will.I.Am) – Flo Rida
5. Low (Featuring. T–Pain) (Travis Barker Remix) – Flo Rida
6. Waters Of March (Album Version) – Sergio Mendes feat Ledisi
7. Waters Of March (Benny Benassi Remix) – Sergio Mendes feat Ledisi
8. De Janeiro – R.I.O
9. This Ain’t Sex – Usher
10. I Decided – Part 2 (Freemasons Club Mix) – Solange
11. Shut Up and Let Me Go (Tocadisco Love The Old School Mix) – The Ting Tings
12. Tomorrow Can Wait (Tocadisco Evilmix) – David Guetta & Chris Willis vs Tocadisco
13. Lollipop Feat. Static Major – Lil Wayne

Bonus Track 13. Santa Baby – The Pussycat Dolls

Life is short, why make it shorter?

That was the line mentioned by Mr. Roberto Caballero in one of the articles featured in Inquirer Lifestyle and that line has struck me hard. Nope, I am not like him (and hopefully not, knock on wood!) that had a heart attack. I don’t know him personally except for the fact that our choir always sing for their Our Lady of Piat Group every July. The article caught me when one of my contacts in multiply linked that article as he can relate closely to the experience of the person.

As for the article, the lessons the author wants to impart is indispensable, nowadays that most of us take our physical health for granted for various things that we do on a daily basis. Nonetheless, the following are good wake-up calls that can be taken one at a time:

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I got myself featured in the September 2008 Men’s Health Philippines magazine for the Belly-Off feature.

Well, it drew a lot of “congratulations” to me for making it to the mag and of course for the progress others witness during my almost 2-year struggle with weight loss. There’s no magic formula in losing weight, as I put, “consistency is the key in achieving your desired results”. 🙂

Body Jam 45?

Body Jam 44 was just launched last week in Fitness First Ortigas while it will still be launched in May 03 in my home club, SM North Edsa and suddenly, someone buzzed me of the “Body Jam 45 Tracklist”. I don’t know how true but I am still checking out the music and will compare it with the previous releases.

Actually, I don’t like Body Jam 44 as compared to the previous releases. To those who are Body Jam oldies but hasn’t trued Body Jam 44, sorry for the spoiler but here are my remarks:

  • Conga reminds me of a step in Body Jam 39, second block
  • I forgot which block of BJ 44 but the second track of BJ 38 reminds me of it
  • You’ll remember BJ 41 second block (Beyonce) in the second block of BJ 44

Well, in a way the groove is good however it seems like it’s “mix and match” in a new fashion. Anyway, for the tracklist of the next release, here it is:

  1. Work (Freemasons Remix) – Kelly Rowland
  2. Bring Em Out – T.I
  3. Feedback – Janet Jackson
  4. Killing in The Name Of – Rage Against the Machine
  5. Voodoo People (Pendulum Mix) – The Prodigy
  6. Livin’ A Lie – The-Dream feat. Rihanna
  7. The Anthem – Pitbull feat. Lil Jon
  8. Television Rules the Nation – Daft Punk
  9. With Every Heartbeat (Coronell Remix) – Robyn
  10. Silence – Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan
  11. Somebody Else’s Guy – Jocelyn Brown

I am not yet familiar with any of the songs, but as I mentioned, I still have to check them.

I Did Not Make It


I previously blogged about the Body Jam Instructor Auditions of Fitness First Philippines. Since I love dancing and I also got an “award” for my previous Body Jam marathon, I decided to give it a try. I arrived at Fitness First Greenhills on the audition day just minutes before registration opens. Blame it on the traffic that I wasn’t able to arrive early to do some preliminary workout prior the auditions proper. After getting the registration form and filling it up, I dressed myself in my comfortable dance attire and placed my number at the back.


The workout started around 10 minutes past 7pm and the judges were Fhe Manalili, Arnold (according to him, he’s the only Asian Body Jam instructor – perhaps of Les Mills), and Joseph Regala, Group Exercise (GX) coordinator of Fitness First The Block and Platinum TriNoma. The room temperature was just right on the start of the auditions but literally, the temperature went high when the airconditioning was turned off and imagine 60+ people that releases carbon dioxide inside the room. The whole audition process include Body Jam 42 from “Boogie 2nite” to “Let’s Get Loud” followed by the “Candy Man” and “Daddy” from Body Jam 40. Recovery track was “Don’t Cha” by the PCD. Since the room was hot and only a small industrial fan was in place, places were switched by the people in front and those at the back. The second block was the first half of Body Jam 35. I forgot what was the cool down track but the whole audition was like an ordinary mix and match Body Jam workout only that you are being “graded” for the qualification metrics set for instructors.

Hoping getting one of the not-that-really-much coveted 16 slots, I didn’t make it. Luck wasn’t really on my side and as far as my memory is concerned, 41-45 excluding my number was called. I’m the odd one out in that number group. Perhaps if I raised my hand when they ask the people who can possibly teach at Fitness First Southmall and Alabang, I could have made it even in the “waitlisted” list.

Dancing is my passion and I won’t hesitate to dance whenever there’s an opportunity to. I may not pass this one but it’s not a big thing to put a big deal out of it. Quite funny since when I want to the gym this afternoon, there were some people talking in the shower room about the auditions. I recognized some of them in during the auditions and they were ranting about some of those who passed – they are already Les Mills instructors (though of other programs) and it would be quite obvious that they would get a slot. The auditions is just but a formalization of everything. I just told myself that “c’est la vie (that’s life!)”. You can rant all the things you want to say but I remember the last part of the registration process that you have to accept whatever the decision of the judges. Ironically, when I did Jam this afternoon, someone recognized me and told my brother (who was just at my back, unexpectedly) that should I have started the auditions in front, I could have got a slot. I actually started at the back and perhaps the judges didn’t notice my moves jiving with the groove.

At any rate, it is just but a test. We sometimes fail but that doesn’t mean we’re losers at all. 🙂

A Visit to Fitness First TriNoma

On my way to buy a gift for our office group’s exchange gift, I met my gym mate in TriNoma waiting for his wife from the gym. He mentioned to me that they are working out morning and evening in two branches (The Block and TriNoma) and they are actually on their way home. I opened up to him if it’s worth the “upgrade” transferring from an ordinary Fitness First Branch to their Platinum version considering that there’s a pending increase in membership dues come January 2008 (roughly additional 95 pesos/month). He said that in a way, “yes”, since even at rush hours (5-8pm), you can still workout without having to wait for an equipment.  After our talk, I decided to drop by again the branch and have a tour with a “tour guide” aka membership consultant (MC).

Yesterday was my second visit to the gym, the first was then when they were barely days old yet. I could have taken pictures on my first visit but I don’t have my camera with me (the point and shoot one not the DSLR) and my phone’s camera is too slow to grab pictures. Anyway, let me take you a virtual tour to the gym (just use your imagination 😛 ) from the way I was toured inside. Towels and work-out attire are available upon entry so you need not worry about what to wear and what to use for drying up.

Upon entrance, you’ll see the cardio machines facing the numerous LCD TVs on display. This is similar to the set-up of other clubs only that on this branch, they use LCD TVs. Quantity speaking, I can’t really tell if they have more cardio machines since from the first look, you’ll see that they have maximized the area on the same level of the entrance for the machines with a small space for the stretch area. The group exercise (GX) room is also on the ground floor and the size is different from what they have advertised as a larger GX room. The Block’s GX room is pretty much bigger than in TriNoma although the one at the latter has the functionality of heating the room for the Flow Yoga exercises. Moodlights are good though I prefer to have the GX room large enough to accommodate more members.

The locker room at Platinum is bigger and compared to other clubs, they have toiletries available for members. They are pretty good enough since I saw Nivea products on their toiletries and perhaps, you won’t really worry much about these unless you use a specific brand. Also, lockers are already magnetized similar to the set-up of Fitness First Mall of Asia branch. Showers’ setup are opaque glass walls similar to ABS-CBN/Ortigas branches. And as with other clubs, sauna and steam rooms are also available.

On the second floor of the gym, there are some cardio machines near the stairs, weights, stretch machines, and a “Function” platform. When I visited there, a personal trainer was having a client and doing their routines there. Also, the cycling studio is located on the second floor with new bikes different from the ones on their “ordinary” branches. As with The Block branch, there are no Cycling classes also in this branch. I was particularly curious on the weights section of the gym since I spend most of my time there. My workout consists entirely of weight training and I was surprised that there’s NO SQUAT RACK. They have one Smith Machine but I don’t use that since I consider it as a “cheat squat”. It was quite a disappointment to see that there’s no exact difference nor advantage in terms of gym facilities with this branch as with other branches.

Of course, “convenience” comes with a premium, according to my tour guide (I’ll not mention his name) here are the expenses of the upgrade:

1. 2000 pesos administrative fee
2. 3,600 pesos monthly fee (I clarified this to him because the last time I asked is that it is 3060 but he insist that it is indeed 3,600)

No credit card, no sign-up (but they’ll use their marketing spiels so you might use another’s credit card to join the club). If you are a lifestyle member (like me) in other clubs and has completed the 1-year lock-in period, the upgrade means you’ll be locked again for another year. Also, I don’t know how the “monthly workout program” works since they’ll only give 5 power pack sessions (aka personal training sessions) and the usual “Sir/Ma’am, do you want to extend this training session for <this amount>”. Geez, if standard clubs charge for 820/hour personal training session (aka 2 repetitions of the routine plus counting your repetitions while texting another client), how much more in Platinum? How much also are you willing to spend for a personal trainer who isn’t trained to be a PT at all (say nurse?). Hello? Surprisingly, according to the MC, the discount given to Mercury Drug Citibank card holders is not honored.

Sign-up perks? Perhaps, the bag and other standard Fitness First items (towels, headset, etc). Personally, I don’t recommend the upgrade. Aside from paying exorbitant fees, I don’t see it as a practical move unless money spending is not your problem. One of the reasons why I stayed in Fitness First despite the above-average monthly fees is the proximity of the club in my residence. Also, group exercises change every 3 months unlike in Slimmers World (SW) where the group exercise routines lasts for years and there are even some GX instructors in SW that attend GX in FF and try to imitate them for implementation in SW.

It’s up to you should you make an upgrade or not. I am not particularly sure how much would it be if you sign-up as a new member to FF Platinum. One flyer that I saw in the Membership Consultation tables is that the joining fee for Lifestyle Program is 10,000 pesos and for Premier (not quite sure of the name but this one is the 3 months) is 15,000 pesos. Monthly fees are above 3,000 pesos for both programs. According to the MC, what keeps Platinum “above” other clubs is the exclusivity that they are only keeping at most 1,000 members unlike in other clubs. I told to myself, so they don’t really care if other clubs get crowded as long as they get sign-ups?

Should you want to pay a visit and hear their marketing spiels, you can visit the club at the 3rd floor of TriNoma. It’s quite near PoweBooks and Toys R Us.