2007 Goals

This post should have been posted yesterday at the start of the year but I was too busy entertaining visitors hence, making the first post for the year delayed for the second day. The past year has proven to be fruitful for me and instead of making resolutions, I’ll continue what I have started last year and aim for more this year:

1) I’ve been working at Fitness First since 1 October 2006. One of the significant improvements that I saw is that I lost 15 lbs of weight (as of press time). I aim to increase it to either a 25 – 30 lbs lost. I guess strength training really works faster to lose weight over cardiovascular exercises.

2) Have a vacation somewhere else. I haven’t had a vacation since 2003. It’s either I’m taking summer classes or work doesn’t permit me to have a break.

3) Have a 6 digit figure in my bank account by June. Spend only when necessary.

4) Take up graduate classes. I am considering enrolling at the European-Union sponsored graduate class at the University of the Philippines.

5) Have a Canon EOS 400D DSLR (replacing my Fuji Finepix Z3). I really love taking pictures and I guess having this would be a good headstart.

Of course, these goals/wishes include the never-ending wish of almost everyone: good health for the family, stable work, strong relationship with friends, peers, partners, etc. While it’s an open book to almost everyone who know me that I am still NGSB (No Girlfriend Since Birth), and even if I wanted to have one, I know that she’ll come on the time God has planned for us. Setting aside all these mushy things, I wish everyone a happy new year.

Have a great year ahead!


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