SSS Loan “Scam”?

Certain colleagues of mine are applying for a loan from our Social Security System (SSS). Some of them told me that it’s been a practice in SSS to have other people apply loans under your name and it would come out that you’ll become a guarantor for a loan you haven’t availed of. This story is similar to my mother with the only difference is that she’s a government employee. The social service provider for government employees is the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS). I keep on asking her before why avail of the loan when in fact there’s no specific need for loaning (not because we’re well-off but it’s just I don’t see any particular reason to) and she answered me the same – people will use your social service number and loan according to your privileges.

It is quite alarming for me to know that this phenomena happens. While I haven’t heard of an exact case of having your loan privileges utilized by others but I can’t imagine myself paying something for nothing. Fortunately, I am not yet qualified for a loan but even how small my first loan privilege would be, I wouldn’t let others take that “benefit”. I am just wondering if there’s already a case/situation where someone contested in either GSIS or SSS the validity of a loan acquired in behalf of another’s privilege. If there’s a link that you can point me out, please lead me to that page.


16 thoughts on “SSS Loan “Scam”?

  1. yes, this is happening, and this is true, report this to the NBI,

    if they don’t help, try to contact me, i will assasinate them easily

    just keep on posting to sunstar visayas, state the names of who might be behind this, surely i will answer,

    1. Hi, am hoping this thread is still active and monitored by the creator of this topic. Am in the middle of a current review of a very similar case— also in Cebu. Please send me a text thru 09334542275 if I may be able to discuss and exchange notes w you

      Mahirap na Juan

  2. ABS-CBN and GMA 7 sana naman tingnan ninyo ung mga cases na ganito kc wla naman kaming matakbohan sa government kasi magkakampi yan lalao pag may pera…kung tlagang service to the flipino people kau(abs & gma7) pakita naman ninyo.

  3. yes, this is brother who is a government employee in Cebu was a victim of this. we have asked for help almost anywhere but we all know government employees are not the best customer oriented people. so, he’s still paying for the loan without him using the money..government services with corrupt people are crap, IMO.

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  5. SSS people are corrupting other members’ money! imagine, wala namang utang ang tatay ko! 70 yrs old na at wala halos makukuha dahil may utang pa! they showed us na may pirma nya pero galing nila mag scan ng signature! mga hudas may araw din kayo!

  6. Good pm, this is Daphne Magturo, researcher of News to Go on GMA News TV. We’re currently producing a story about SSS members who are victmized by scams and we’re looking for persons who have experiences similar to what you wrote in your blog. Can you help us get in touch with them for our research? Your immediate response will greatly help the team in pursuing the story. I may be reached at 09355923054. Thank you.

    1. Hi Daphne, yes you can get in touch with me. I am from Pusok, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu.
      Actually, the victim is my mom. Supposedly she should now be enjoying her retirement
      benefits, but it was not made possible due to this SSS “loan scam”. I sent you text messages
      a while ago, and hope you receive it. Thanks in advance for your help.

  7. Looks like it is true. I and several other people I know have loan under our name that we believe or are pretty sure we have not applied for. Worst, extremely difficult to obtain info from SSS to verify authenticity of loan docs SSS processed. Like pulling a tooth without anesthesia. Still working to resolve this.

  8. I’m on that situation right now someone submitted loan application under my name I went directly to SSS Baguio to ask them to delete it however they only asked me to write a dispute letter and until now nothing happened.

  9. Hi, please help i recently found out that i have a loan at sss that is growing interest for over 5 years now on my previous company. But never applied for any loan. Please help…

  10. I am one of the victims of this SSS Loan Scam. I just learned recently (late last year 2015) that there’s a loan under my name which was filed in January 1987. I went to SSS office in Malolos to apply for the retirement benefit due me but the employee whom I talked with told me that I have to pay my loan plus the interest which amounted to 9,000 pesos. I was shocked because I am sure that I never ever applied for a loan from SSS since I became its member.Now, I have no idea who can help me to resolve this problem because I’m sure that they’ll just throw away any letters that I’ll be sending them. And probably, they won’t process my application or give the benefits due me unless I pay that said loan. May “BAD KARMA” come to those who are doing this evil thing.
    I hope somebody from the present government officials will take prompt and proper actions to put an end to this problem.

  11. It’s my first time to apply for a salary loan but website says that I have an existing loan but I never applied for a loan since I just completed the 36 months of my contribution. I’m going to SSS tomorrow and report this incident if this will not be resolved on their end I will file a case whoever is responsible of this bull SH*t!

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