Some Thoughts on Credit Cards


After several months of waiting since I lost my wallet, I finally got my credit card. Ironically, the credit card processing took longer than what is expected due to poor application handling issues. I submitted my credit card application to Citibank last 3 January 2008 and my card was received after 3 weeks and was processed only because I resubmitted my application. A big thanks to the agent who followed up my application and I never knew how much hassle card applications bring especially when sent via business reply mail. I don’t recommend sending credit card applications in business reply mails for the reasons that:

  • Slow. Business reply mails are sent through snail mail and when the letter gets to the PO box, the time it reaches the credit card department depends on when the official representative will get those applications. What’s unfortunate is that there’s no mechanism to prioritize first comers in the box so the possibility of having processed last among the submissions is near.
  • Prone to mishandling therefore when unwanted individuals get your application, it opens up a Pandora’s box containing your personal information as well as your finances. Don’t forget that you even have to put your home address there.

During the period that I don’t have a credit card, I find it difficult handling my finances. I just can’t imagine but I am looking for a logical reason why despite having the same pay every payday, seems like money is better handled with a credit card and paying every cut-off than without having one.

I had applied for two credit cards, first, like what mentioned above is Citibank and the second one is BPI. For BPI credit card applications, aside from the requirements that they have mentioned in their application forms, if you are employed, ensure that you secure a certificate of employment with monthly compensation. That is, the certification should include how long you are in the company, and how much do you earn gross monthly. I don’t know if it applies to all but it seems like the photocopy of the payslip I submitted (that indicated my name, company name, pay period, gross salary) isn’t enough.

At any rate, credit cards are indeed a privilege. Handle it with responsibility. 🙂


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