The Clark Airport “Terminal” at Trinoma

Traveling has always been my thing. Thanks to the different budget airlines, I was able to fly to places more frequent as before. The cheapest fares that I got flying out from Manila is too hard to resist. Who would have thought that with Php 401 (Domestic) and Php 2,340 (International) would bring me back and forth with baggage  allowances sans perks to different places. But those fares could have been much more cheaper should I fly from Clark. Though, traveling to Clark isn’t a welcome idea for me as I have heard different stories, most of them are negative and the sorta inconvenience of inaccessible transportation just to get to the nearest bus terminal at SM Megamall. I was thinking then that the cost of taxi to Megamall + bus fare + tricycle (some say that the terminal doesn’t really stops at the airport, correct me if I am wrong) is not worth the savings one would get if flying from Clark. But that was THEN, yes because I never thought that this would happen.

In a nutshell, this lounge offers the following:

  • Php 200 fixed rate per way (Trinoma – Clark OR Clark – Trinoma). Please don’t be pilosopo, it is per way that’s why there’s OR.

  • Scheduled trips. I think the 24 hour “operating hours” is that you can wait inside the lounge while waiting for the next bus.

Trinoma Ad

So one would wonder, what’s the difference of this with that of the terminal in SM Megamall? Let me say what’s on my mind:

  • It’s much more accessible. Well, not that I am very near the “terminal” – it is located within the mall premises. If you are coming from the South, one can take the MRT to North Avenue (granted that it is within MRT’s operating hours) and pass through the mall to get into the lounge. In fact, there are signages that will help you to get to that place.

  • The lounge is airconditioned. Unlike in Megamall, you’re out there in the open so when the weather is on the extremes (too hot or raining), you’re in a bad place. Not only airconditioned, there’s also TV to keep you entertained. I am not sure if there’s WIFI or something to plug into (suppose you want to work with your laptop).


  • Published schedule, fare, and “customer support” number. I haven’t really tried the contact number but at the least it’s there.

Of course, this is not without cons. Average travel time is 1.5 hours according to the guard on duty although one must expect unexpected things that might happen so allot ample time, much more longer than the usual Manila airport waiting time. Instances say public holidays, traffic at NLEX could be as bad so consider those things as well.

That’s what on my mind right now. I don’t have scheduled trips yet BUT I WILL BE DEFINITELY CONSIDERING CLARK this time.

Happy Travels!


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