Use Your Globe Tattoo with Sun (or other providers)



My unlocked Globe Tattoo USB Modem with the SIM Cards that I am using for wireless connectivity in order of preference. It’s Sun Wireless Broadband in Metro Manila, Smart for other places. If all else fails, Globe MIGHT work, but not guaranteed.

I am tired of Globe Tattoo. I am, and I have given up. I was initially happy having an own prepaid wireless connection saving me from the waiting for the internet connection in the house that I won’t be able to use. Unfortunately, that excitement easily went away when Globe is only reporting to me with GPRS connection and I can only browse sites at speeds slower than dial-up speeds.

A friend of mine has been recommending Sun Broadband then but I am a bit skeptical with Sun knowing he has worked there (am I right? He he he) so it might be another marketing ploy that I get easily fooled with. On the verge of selling my Globe Broadband Tattoo kit at a cheaper (lugi) price, I researched if it’s possible to unlock my Globe Tattoo modem and use another provider with it. There were some blog sites but they are full of motherhood statements saying it is possible but didn’t say how. After going through links and pages, I finally found the page that allowed me to use my Globe Tattoo device with another provider. Here are the steps (based from the Globe Tattoo software):

1) Know your device make and IMEI. The device information is found at the back of the modem or in your software, go to Tools->Diagnostics. You will see the device IMEI there.

2) Go to this site. Provide your IMEI and Huawei device model. If your device is not Huawei, stop here and browse the forums or somewhere else that can unlock your modem. Wait for minutes, hours (at most) for a reply for the unlock code for your device. People there are generous so just be patient.

3) This could be step 0 but I’ll place it here. Go to a Sun Shop, buy a Sun Wireless Broadband SIM card for only 50 pesos. This is pre-loaded with 5 hours internet. Since it would be bitin, buy also a 100 Wireless Broadband Prepaid card. Specify that you’re looking for the Wireless Broadband Prepaid card.

4) Insert the Sun sim card (or Smart) in the device. The device will prompt you for an unlock code. Provide the code in #2. You have 10 tries before busting the device. Luckily, I got mine at the first try.

5) Once unlocked, it is unlocked! You can now use any wireless provider aside from the despicable Globe Tattoo connection.

Of course, the signal is there but you need the settings right?


Sun Wireless Broadband

APN: minternet

Dial Number *99#

Smart Buddy

APN: internet

Dial Number *99#

With this information, I am taking the risk that many people would follow this route and at the same time flood the network of Sun. Who cares, I am happy with the service and I guess others should experience the same too. When I was in CDO, Globe is slower than Smart. Sad, I was only able to buy a Smart SIM card on my last day in CDO. I spent Php180 on Globe for a connection that hangs and I am automatically charged 5 pesos for that.

Goodbye Globe, Hello Sun and Smart!


35 thoughts on “Use Your Globe Tattoo with Sun (or other providers)

  1. Magbasa kasi mga bubu

    Nasa instruction na
    #2) Go to this “site”. Provide your IMEI and Huawei device model.
    nasa taas na mang-mang!

    Click nyo ung “site” dun kayo humingi ng unlocking codes nyo.

  2. yeah got the codes am asking kung may program ba na gagamitin o just put the sim sa usb stick and lalagay na lang un codes epal ha nagtatanong lang :p

  3. help! my globe tattoo was already unlock and had use other sim cards, but now i cant any of them. when i open the dialog the hard ware settings, opeartional info and network info were all gone, i dont know what had happend could any one help me!! i am so much dissappointed..thanks in advance!

  4. Hi,

    I had the Sun Wireless BB Huawei E1550 unlocked and tried a Smart Bro Sim on it. I get Error 619. Although may load naman yung Smart Bro SIM.

    Does Smart Bro SIM work on the Huawei E1550?

    Any suggestions?

  5. hello…

    will the software change after changing the sim from globe to sun?

    globe tattoo femmes edition kc ung nabili me… d pwd…

    iba kc ung software… any suggestions?


    God bless…

  6. 14 jed on February 28, 2010 said:
    can you unlock my modem..pls help me…

    heres my IMEI 353143033455974… Huawei model e1552


  7. Hello to all.

    If you want to have your Globe Tattoo Modem unlocked I would be gladly to do it for you.
    All you have to do is send to me the Model and IMEI # of your modem.

    *A payment of 50pesos via load shall be applied.

    Just send the info’s to this number: 09265610310..


  8. sir, posible ba na ma unlock pa ung na block na globe tatto kit??? may mali kac sa unlock code q eh 10 tym q cnubuka??? pede pa maayos un??

  9. hayzz..ambubu sinimulan lg ng isa mgbigay IMEI sumunod na lahat nsa site na link ung pagbibigyan nu ng IMEI code..magbsa nga kau!!!nd si patrik tga bigay ng code,,..UNG SITE PO NA NAILINK!!my scammer pa mg bigay dw 50pesos kpalit ung code..

  10. Hi! ang bilis ng reply para sa codes na request ko. ask ko lang kung may binigay din ba sayo yung site na Flash #? para saan yun? paano ko gagamitin yun?

  11. hindi na pala kailangan yung flash #. ininsert ko lang ibang sim then nagtanong ng unlock code. one try lang sa code na binigay sa akin na unlock na agad. galing…..! actually, I’am using a smart bro modem pero globe postpaid sim ko ang ginamit ko…

  12. bkt gnun ginmit q yung redeem unli20 yung 20 points svi ng 4438 24hrs procesing p tpos w/in 24 hrs svi expired n dw yung unli q syng yung 20 points q…. hirp ipunin nun e alang kwenta yung yung promo hmmmf

  13. i already have the code but when i inserted the sim, it said , only authourized sim /usim is required. it didn’t ask for a code. it was my second time trying to unlock it. my first time was when my device was newly bought. it was 15 trials then. i only tried once and then i closed it and used the globe sim again but now, i coudn’t unlock the device.. help!!

  14. oh. it was 10 trials … how could i get the unlock code prompt back? i only tried once.. so there are 9 left.

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