3 Years


Today is my blog’s “3rd Anniversary”. Not really the date I started blogging but the time I realized that my old blogsite won’t last that long and I need to locate to a new blog host where I can continue blogging.

Blogging is something that I have been missing doing for the past months because of extreme busyness in various workload. No, I don’t hate my work, I love it really but it’s just that the moment when something pops out of my head and wishes to write something about it, I just can’t because of some office policies that prevents me from writing anything. I hope I can really get back into writing sometime. For a social animal like me, I find it difficult when I am unable to express or tell something what goes in my head that is worth discussing.

At any rate, this “thirst”/”hunger” might come to a near end. What’s 6 months anyway? 😛


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