Silverlight 3.0 Released!

I am a bit excited with the release of Silverlight 3.0 and while searching the pages of Silverlight, a download link has been made available for the public to get the Released To Web (RTW) version. Likewise, developers can also take advantage of the Silverlight 3.0 SDK though you need to remove any beta pre-RTW Silverlight 3.0 SDK. Aside from that, Silverlight 3.0 Tools for Visual Studio 2008 is also available for download.


Here are some useful links that you can check out (links open in a new window):

Key improvements for the release are grouped into 4 categories:

  • Media: GPU hardware acceleration, new codec support (H.264, AAC, MPEG-4), raw bitstream Audio/Video API, and improved logging for media analytics
  • Graphics: GPU Acceleration and hardware compositing, perspective 3D, bitmap and pixel API, pixel shader effects, and Deep Zoom improvements
  • Application development: Deep linking, navigation and SEO, improved text quality, multi-touch support, 60+ controls available, and library caching support
  • Data: Data-binding improvements, validation error templates, server data push improvements, binary XML networking support, and multi-tier REST data support

Still, I am waiting for the launch of the site See The Light ( It is already 10 July 2009 here in Manila but perhaps the launch of the site would be the time in the US. 🙂


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