RPM 43 Tracklist

untitled Thanks Zephyr for this! And the RPM madness doesn’t stop!

1. Closer – Ne-Yo
2. Hot n Cold – Katy Perry
3. Spaceman – The Killers
4. Take Back The City – Snow Patrol
5. Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix) – The Prodigy
6. In The Darkeness (Trance Mix) – Darude
7. Cry For You (Darren Styles Remix) – September
8. Broken Strings feat. Nelly Furtado – James Morrison
9. Love Is A Losing Game – Amy Winehouse

Ride On!


12 thoughts on “RPM 43 Tracklist

  1. Is already official this tracklist to the next release (mix 43) of the RPM? I liked this musics, much more than mix 42.

  2. This tracklist is provided by a Les Mills RPM instructor. So I suppose, this would be it. You can check the comments in my RPM 42 tracklist entry to see the RPM 43 sizzler as well as the posted tracklist. 🙂

  3. Hi Patrick. I’m beginig in RMP now (four months ago). I have well-read a lot about it and would like to buy clothes of ciclists by RPM, pedals and slippers. I live in Brazil, but I can’t find it by here. Do you know some site or some store that can help me?

  4. Currently listening to RPM 43. The music reminds me of Body Jam (track 1 and 5), Body Combat (Track 7). Broken Strings is a nice cool down song. I can relate to the lyrics and love the mood of the music.

    Good thing for the censor in the track 2. Hot and Cold is really a good phase track particularly the chorus part of the song. As much as I want to suggest it as a song in Les Mills site, I don’t know how to suggest one.

  5. hi…I’m korean.
    I can’t speak english well.(-_-ㆀ)
    I like RPM. and I like Les mils. (body pump, body step, body blance, RPM^^*)

    thanks for sharing the tracks(^^*)…

    nice to meet you.
    thank you…..

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