Philippine Airlines (PAL) Seat Sale


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I got this information fed in my Facebook account. For all travellers out there, take note of this seat sale by PAL for only 2 days: 27-28 April 2009.

Travel Period for the tickets are the following:

(Regional) : 1 June 2009 – 15 October 2009
(TransPacific, 1 way) : 1 June 2009 – 25 December 2009
(TransPacific, RoundTrip) : 1 Sept 2009 – 25 December 2009

And I am still thinking if I can get a seat in this sale. 😛


9 thoughts on “Philippine Airlines (PAL) Seat Sale

  1. I was able to booked for this sale, unforetunately the PAL is PAL-pak!!!
    I started on-line booking at 9am, & was only able to got the confirmation for about 3pm.But unforetunately the date was moved. Supposedly, the date is Oct 9-12. But it was moved to Oct 11-12!
    I had reported this in the customer service,w/c by the way I was only able to contact only May 1, after 3 days of trying to contact.
    I was advised by the operator that they had receive other complaints like this. I had asked what action is needed for the said complaint. The operator advise me that the Web manager needs to check this one out but for the other complaints, they are saying that it’s impossible that dates will be moved.
    Well, just to point out if it’s impossible to happen how come they do receive complaints?!
    So if someone do experience this situation,I’m begging pls to post a blog also so we can compile the complaints & PAL can take action for this.

  2. I didn’t book for this sale since I am not sure yet on where to go on the dates inclusive of the promo travel period.

    However, I may say, it is quite exaggerated to launch mass complaint against PAL because this is (I think) the first time they offered low fares and they weren’t able to forecast the possible load this could cause to their reservation system. As a web developer myself, there would be certain instances that your application will fail not because you didn’t address the problem but you weren’t able to see it OR it is a consequence of an action you thought would be okay.

    Nonetheless, it would be much more better to deal with problems first diplomatically. Pwede namang idaan sa maayos na usapan at malay mo, magawan nila ng paraan. Ako kasi, with my problem with another airline before (blogged here as well), kinausap ko, nagtyaga, and then, I still got what was due to me.

    And, PAL is way ahead of Cebu Pac. Yun lang. Ha ha ha.

    Keep cool! 🙂

  3. The operator advise me that the Web manager needs to check this one out but for the other complaints, they are saying that it’s impossible that dates will be moved.

  4. I am flying into Manila from Nagoay Japan. My flight originates in Fort Wayne IN. United States of America. I wlll only have one carry on bag. I have a 19 hour layover in Manila. I would like hearing from you if I could be put on stand by if a more early flight has a seat open.
    I am flying coach so if you wanted to make me feel special you could put me in an open seat in first or bussiness class. If I qualify or not please let me know using my E-mail address. Also, I would accept a seat in coach.
    Thank you very much,
    Steven Opliger

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