Caramoan Weekend

I had the privilege of visiting some of the Philippines’ not so popular yet so beautiful places to visit last weekend. Together with my friend Jasper, we took the Caramoan trip scheduled for April 4-6 of TravelFactor and off we go. It’s a 3 day beach bumming experience – something that I never had for quite some time. The last beach that I went to was last year with my college blockmates but I wasn’t able to join them this year since I was out of the country then.


What I liked about this travel is that I don’t have to go that far to go to the meeting place. Our office building is just a few blocks away from the meeting place and coming from work to travel won’t be that of a hassle. We left Manila a bit late Friday evening and the horrendous traffic ruined our supposed Day 1 itinerary. Instead of doing nothing, our Day 2 itinerary was moved to Day 1 and so as not to waste time we toured around Caramoan town proper. We had some sort of photoshoot of the nearby structures and fortunately was able to see a Church. We capped the night with a hearty seafood dinner consisting of squid, fish, and other seafoods mixed with beans.


Day 2 was an early start although still with delays. We left Caramoan town proper a bit late to go island hopping. We were part of the first boat (aka boat 1) to sail off and the first destination was Matukad island. We were able to pass by Gota but that beach is closed to the public since Survivor Israel (as the boatman told us) was shooting then and that was the place where they are currently staying if there’s no shoot. The next island that we visited was Lahus. Lahus has a smaller beach area compared to Matukad but the structure is different than the former. Also, this island is a bit rocky as compared to the former. We weren’t able to tour more islands due to the difficulty of travelling because of the waves so after Lahus, we went straight to our campsite in Bosdak to setup and have breakfast . I forgot the name of the island but it took us 2 hours via boat ride to get there. We had our breakfast around 11am something and lunch was just around. Instead of eating lunch right away (after a seafood breakfast, we decided to tour the nearby locations – Manlawi for the sandbar (similar to the Snake Island thingie in Palawan) and Cotivas island where we were able to see some structures being used by the Survivor shooters.


After Cotivas, we went back to Manlawi to swim – just swim, enough of being a shutterbug. It’s time to enjoy and rest our fingers. 🙂  We capped the night with food and singing. Yes, there’s videoke in the island being brought in from another island and a generator provided (I think) by one of the hosts.


On our last day in the island. We are fortunate that the beachfront that we have is where the sun is rising. We took advantage and woke up early to catch the sunrise.  After shooting, we packed up and off we go back to Caramoan town proper by boat to take another boat that will take us to another port where our bus was waiting. While the trip going back was shorter (a little over 1 hour), it was difficult to travel since it was low tide then and the boat find it hard to maneuver the sea.  When we reached the bus, we had lunch at Biggs – a popular diner in the Bicol region before heading to Camarines Sur Watersports Complex.

Overall, with all the glitches and what’s not, the trip was worth it. One however should expect no A1-class facilities within the area since the area has just recently been considered as a tourist spot and structures for tourists are still being built underway. It was an adventure-filled trip for me and I will consider going back here on a better weather so more islands can be visited and enjoy what Philippines has to offer.

For more information about the islands, you may want to visit


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