Hitting The Water


It’s been quite some time since I last updated my blog due to a lot of things. The past 2 months has been very busy for me juggling myself with work, with training, and my other activities that prevents me from blogging. The most exciting part of that phase is my first-ever trip to the United States (US) as the company sent me for training in Ohio. As someone who just dreamt of going there someday, the excitement, apprehensions, and all the other things came into place but one thing really made me think hard – my diet when I stay there.

Being conscious with numbers in the weighing scale, I am quite afraid that the trip that I’ll be doing to the US will take a toll against my weight loss journey considering the not-so-popular “American diet” that’s literally world’s apart from what I am currently taking.  I am not sure if there would be a gym in the hotel that I’ll be staying (where I can continue my workout) but one thing for sure, there should be a pool. Given that scenario, I can now push through with my swimming plans – another physical activity to add to my list of gym, indoor cycling, and running. I told myself that swimming would be one of the exercises that I can do that is low-impact (correct me if I’m wrong) and yet can still help me achieving my goals.

The search for a good swimming lesson class started as early as late 2006 since I’m pissed off with the continuous bugging of the Fitness First instructor who convinces me to enroll with their personal training session. An hour’s session costs 770 then for 1 hour and the minimum number of sessions to enroll is 10. 7700 for 10 hours of personal training sessions and observing how they execute, I have decided not to for reasons I just have to keep for myself. I told myself that I’d rather enroll myself in a swimming lesson class which would be more useful – something that I can use and practice even at the end of the sessions. I tried asking Lozada Swimming school, some private swimming lessons but my schedule won’t fit theirs or they don’t accept credit cards as payment.

Moving forward, I encountered “Total Immersion” (TI) training in the April 2008 issue of Men’s Health Philippines. My interest got into it but it was only 2 months ago when I started with them. The need to keep in shape while away from the country might appear too shallow for some but it’s a big thing for me. Thing is, it’s either lose more even I’m far away or at the least maintain my weight. More than that, a colleague of mine recommended TI to me since he already took it before and he got good words for the training. At first glance, the lessons (8 in total) is more expensive than any other swimming lessons out there (they have increased already as compared to the payment I made last January) but as the class progressed, I am quite impressed with the treatment of the lessons and the progression in relation to achieving the goals.

I started the classes 1 week before my flight and for the first few lessons, I was able to see my mistakes in swimming. I am not really a good swimmer prior to the class. In fact, I am more of a recreational swimmer and I don’t necessarily swim long distances when I dip in the pool. Form is of top importance and the instructors were able to explain well why the form has to be corrected and what technique should be followed. I was just starting on skating when I left and after I got back, my progression suffered because of the month-long break — 2 sessions went on reviewing what I left behind. I concluded my lessons only on the part of the zipper. I am not sure what lies ahead but my instructor on my last day, in terms of the lessons, I have missed the breathing part which according to my officemate (that I mentioned above) is one of the important things to learn.

I may have missed some of the lessons but I still recommend this program. After all, it was my fault why the training suffered but Ria (the head instructor) was generous enough to accommodate my schedule and still, I ended up better as compared when I have started despite missing some lessons. I could have done better but schedule and situation prevented me but still, I got equipped with skills that can be improved through practice. If not for this lesson, I wouldn’t learn how to use my shoulders, engaging the core to move forward; relaxing the muscles will help you keep afloat and with correct form, you lessen the drag that prevents you to move forward. Granted that I allot enough time to practice swimming, this would be a good complement to my running activities and keeping a healthy and active lifestyle. Participating in a triathlon is one of my goals but I’ll take things slowly. Right now, I am practicing the lessons that I took with them and hopefully, would be able to catch up with the missed lessons.

If you are interested with the lessons, you may catch up with Ria at (0917)-858AQUA or you may visit their website at http://www.aqualogicswimco.com. I know Ria would be more than welcome to accommodate you and have a visit on how they teach the lessons prior signing-up.

Things are getting pretty exciting for me in the coming days especially the coming summer season where most people frequent the beach. Enjoy healthy days ahead!


4 thoughts on “Hitting The Water

  1. Im glad you didn’t take up those personal training packages. Good instructors do not need to nag people to sign up for their services. Their good name and services will be quickly circulate by word of mouth.

  2. Primary consideration for not taking the packages is it’s exorbitant price. Suppose that I have enough money to pay for it, it’s impractical to avail it. I won’t pay for someone who can’t even do the exercise he/she’s teaching to their clients. 🙂


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