Can’t Install Windows Live Wave 3?


I had the chance of getting the full offline installer of Windows Live products last night and I planned to upgrade all my installations of Windows Live products at home and at the office. It took me a sweet upgrade for the desktop and laptop at home unfortunately when I tried upgrading the products in my workstation, it gave me an installation error of 80004004 for Windows Live Messenger and some errors again on the other products.


I am only particular with Windows Live Messenger and it’s a pain not to use that program on a daily basis. Seems like the error number that I have been encountering is not particular to Windows Live Messenger installation and it’s been associated with ActiveSync errors as well.

Upon further analysis, seems like the installation registries of previous Windows Live Products have been hindering the completion of the installation of the Wave 3 products. As a fix I removed all installation registry information for all previously installed Windows Live Products (well, I have no choice). If you can’t remove it via Add/Remove programs (or ctrl+r then type appwiz.cpl), you may use the Windows Installer Clean-Up Utility to force uninstallation of the products you have to remove.

After that, I was able to install the Windows Live Wave 3 products smoothly. Such a tedious task for a simple upgrade process.


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