Be Careful with What You Write (on the Net)


Earlier this day, while waiting for some updates regarding my work deliveries last week, I have decided to read something at and I accidentally stumbled upon an entry made by a certain “Tracy”. Honestly, I never knew this issue until I saw this. No, I don’t know this person personally though I remembered Malu Fernandez for her scathing discriminatory remarks to fellow Filipinos in a published article before.

I had my fare experience on speaking out loud in the Internet but just as a warning, learn to practice self-constraint in the internet. This highway of information might open a can of worms that may work or harm you. The last time I talked out loud, a few friends who read my blog gave me a nice warning that while there’s freedom in expressing our thoughts over the net, there should be some form of limitation as you might never know who would blow you away from where you are currently standing.

If you are still curious what this brouhaha has to tell, you can check on this, this, and  this. You be the judge. Personally, I know some Atenean friends who went to the same immersion – in fact even in my previous course (prior shifting to Computer Science), several of my former blockmates’ stories include even getting trapped in the line of fire – military against the “leftists”. I have nothing against Ateneans, just to state a fact. It’s just that, be careful with what you place in the internet. If you can’t help yourself to speak out loud, limit your access to yourself (WordPress and Multiply can do it).

As simple as that.


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