Western Digital COMDDAP 2008 Sale

COMDDAP is the annual premiere IT show here in the Philippines. Western Digital has a booth and they have better deals for the hard drives which will end tomorrow, 7 December 2008.

The following are the prices, exclusive of the 10% discount for both cash and straight card purchases. Prices have 5% discount on 6 months deferred payment basis and no discount on 12 months basis. Also, hard drives carry 3 years warranty – 1 year from Villman and 2 years from the distributor OTHERWISE stated.

My Passport Essential

160GB – 3695
250GB – 4395
320GB – 5695
400GB – 6950
500GB – 8795

My Passport Elite (USB, Remote Access, 5 years warranty)
250GB – 5550
500GB – 6395

My Passport Studio (USB, Firewire 400, 5 years warranty)

250GB – 6150
500GB – 7150

My Book Essential

640GB – 5645
1TB – 7545

My Book Home

640GB – 6895
1TB – 8895

My Book Mirror Edition

1TB – 10750
2TB – 44250

WD ShareSpace

2TB – 26700
4TB – 44250


2 thoughts on “Western Digital COMDDAP 2008 Sale

  1. I am not familiar with the prices right now since I am not looking for one. The best deals in the Philippines (I suppose) can be found in TipidPC.com. Better check the ratings of the sellers first before making a transaction with them.

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