MRT-LRT Loop Connection


GMANews.TV reported yesterday a not-so-good news but some of the contents are something to look forward. In their article, they mentioned the following:

The construction of the MRT extension from North Avenue in Quezon City to Monumento started in October.

The MRT-LRT loop project would cover at least five stations and span 5.71 kilometers. It is expected to be completed and operational by May 2010.

The project aims to put up new stations in Balintawak, Roosevelt/Muñoz while the North Avenue Station of the MRT and the Monumento Grand Central station of the LRT 1 would be improved.

I think this project is long overdue and finally it would be good headstart but hope that this project won’t be another propaganda to be used since May 2010, the project’s expected rollout, is the schedule of the next presidential elections in the Philippines. This project is really something to look forward since traveling using MRT and LRT proves to be a bad experience especially during rush hours. Add to that the discourteous riders who doesn’t know how to let alighting passengers go first and the constant reminder not to step in the yellow tiled platform (do I need to mention that the Filipino reminder is being announced first before the English reminder?). If this project would be successful, it will help decongest the North Avenue station (and moreso the traffic going towards that station during mornings) and the proponents would consider increasing the frequency of the trains especially on rush hours.

Although I expect this won’t be at par with the existing LRT/MRT stations that I’ve been to in other countries (at the least in terms of efficiency of transfera and ticketing service in Singapore and in Hong Kong), this is still better than none. Furthermore, they should scrap the segregated seating scheme as it doesn’t promote equality but more of a sexist approach to a problem that could have been answered by simply implementing an efficient implementation of security in stations. Isn’t that we pay for the same fare and yet certain individuals enjoy some privileges at the expense of others?


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