Friendster Got Screwed


Friendster had a suuuppperrrr loooonnggggg “Scheduled Maintenance” which ended last night. Unfortunately, the promise of providing “better” service was more of marketing spiel/euphemism of something that didn’t look good.

Not that I am addicted to social networking sites but I primarily have a Friendster account open only to my contacts – those people that I really know and not just about someone who would like to hook up and pose as “friends”. I used to have 506 friends but I “lost” 22 of them making my current friends counter to 484. I also hear other my other contacts saying that some of their friends’ profiles went private even if the profile should be visible to them.

As a web developer myself and having worked on large traffic site (that is maintaining the Philippine Entertainment Portal), before, having a downtime longer than an hour has a large impact on the audience especially on the visitor’s impression on how the site lives up to their primary function.

Oh well, Friendster do really get screwed big time. I’m irked but is there something that I can do to revert the situation? Nah. Bad, bad, bad Friendster.


2 thoughts on “Friendster Got Screwed

  1. It was reported that a Filipino hacked the friendster. He created a virus known as xjuan-g4x which was detected by a junior programming assistant of friendster. It is considered as classified issue at friendster

  2. Ah really. But at any rate, damage has been done and assuming there’s a database back-up, it won’t be up to date. Unfortunately, some of the friends that I “lost” is my cousin from Japan. bad bad bad.

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