Kudos Canon Philippines!


During my previous trip to Hong Kong, my lens malfunctioned and the camera displays an Error 99. According to various sources in the internet, an Error 99 is a generic error displayed when the real problem isn’t identified by the body. Furthermore, local photography forums tell that Error 99 could be an error between the contacts of the lens and of the body.

Prior my trip, I had 2 of my lenses and my 400D cleaned by Canon since I want to take advantage of the free cleaning while my lenses are still under warranty. I was able to get my items in less than 2 weeks thinking the things would be good to go. However, things didn’t go well as expected as when I was in Ocean Park, I continuously get this frikkin Error 99 and I thought that this is just a battery problem. Upon reaching back in the Philippines, I opened an extra original Canon battery for my 400D to test if the problem would go away but to my dismay, it persisted.

I had my unit returned to the service center where I have it cleaned and reported back the error that it gives me. I explained to them the problem that I am experiencing and I asked them for an explanation for the status indicated in the report that they have given me (for the 2 lenses) but their explanation isn’t acceptable. While they accepted my unit again for check-up, I followed-up my unit days after, and the status of my lens was they are still waiting for the delivery of the part needed to be replaced.

While waiting, someone opened in Digital Photographer Philippines Forums a thread pertaining to the Canon Service Center repairs and there I opened my gripes as to what happened to my lens. It was fortunate for us Canon users that there’s a Canon office here in the Philippines that listen to the concerns of their clients.

This morning, I followed-up with Canon since it’s been more than 2 weeks since I had my lens checked-up and was lucky to talk with one of the Customer Support Representatives of Canon directly. In less than 2 hours, I was able to talk to 2 Canon representatives and assured me of looking into my concerns with the service center.



Kudos Canon! It’s nice to know that there’s someone who hears customer concerns. J-Lo (yes, they have a J-Lo but not related to Mark Anthony), one of the CSRs assured me that she’ll give me an update with my concerns within the day.

I guess Canon really delight their customers always. This ain’t a marketing spiel for them, I mean it and thank you Canon for looking into your customers concern (and yet, I still have to wait for whatever updates lay ahead of me).


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