Still Waiting

Thanks for the concern that you guys have given to me with regards to my issue with Cebu Pacific. Hong Kong International Airport Customer Relations has answered my query and their answer is found in the image below (for transparency purposes).

In short, HKIA tells me that all baggages are of the airline’s responsibility and they have no control over it. I already filed a separate feedback/complaint to them and to be fair with them, I’ll give them 10 business days to act on it. That time I think is enough for them to contact me for any updates on whatever thing/things they are doing or following up regarding my concern. Inasmuch as I want to be a reactionary person on what happened to my tripod, I am giving them due time to process my complaint. After all, it is not my fault why the tripod was lost and perhaps their possible shitty explanation of not getting a travel insurance is a big no-no for me for their incompetence.

Just to give everyone a view of the tag of the tripod I used to have that Cebu Pacific “lost” while in their custody.

And I am still waiting for the reply. It’s been 2 business days passed since I first lodged a complaint to them and still no lead or feedback yet.


3 thoughts on “Still Waiting

  1. Good luck with that. We’ve been traveling on Cebu Pacific numerous times this year already, and we have yet to have any problems with our baggage. I don’t know if we’re just extremely lucky, or you were extremely unlucky in this case. 😛 In any case, hope they resolve your problem soon.

  2. I myself fly Cebu Pacific many times but of course, there are some instances that the airline should reconsider their customer service despite being a budget airline. This incident of mine is something I do not expect to happen again in the future. Like what I said in my previous posts, my claim for the tripod is beyond its’ market value but its sentimental value to me.

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