I Missed Blogging

I timed-in in the office today at around 5:47 am since I will be on a shift-change from 6am-3pm. This isn’t permanent and I just had to do it for today since I have a family affair to attend later.

Opening Outlook, I noticed that the feedback I am waiting for a particular task hasn’t arrived yet so I had the luxury of opening some websites for me to check – at the least before I start official work by 6:00 am. Since my blog was the least opened most wanted site for me (and the heck of the irony), I realized how long have I been inactive doing blog posts. Indeed, I would agree people would always look for quality than quantity posts in a blog but I think sometimes you have to forget about this and tell what’s happening and what plays on your mind. Comparing the activity that I had with my previous blog, I think I had the luxury of time and it seems like I missed the good old days wherein I have something to say to the world, at least one post a day.

With the recent work environment changes, work load I had for the past months, it has taken a toll against my blogging activity and I hope I can resume blogging regularly – at the least on the personal and non-tech site. However, I still maintain a tech blog where I put my web-related (at this point, currently ASP.NET related) posts at webthinker.wordpress.com.

Despite having a lot of visitors (been averaging at least 50-80 readers a day), whether or not I know these people, I think I owe them something that I can share. 🙂


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