Canon 50D ‘Specifications’

I am quite interested with Canon’s next offerings for the bodies as I think that they have been trumped by Nikon’s new body releases (and of course their full frame line-up). Not that I am upgrading in the near future but I am curious with the so-called Canon 50D specifications, part of the Canon’s XX-family lineup. Rumors have been circulating until a post from Canon China has surfaced.

Official Website Link

Translated Link (for those who don’t understand Chinese like me. Thanks to Google!)

Specifications mentioned are:

1.6x crop
Digic 4
Dust Reduction
Auto Brightness Processing
95% viewfinder .97 magnification
9 point af (All Cross Type)
AF Fine Tuning
Face Recognition AF
ISO 100-3200 (Expansion to 6400, 12800)
14-bit image processing
Auto CA correction
In-Camera Anti-Shake
6.3 fps (high speed) 3fps (low speed)
Buffer: 16 RAW – 60 JPG – 10 RAW+JPG
100,000 shutter life
HDMI Output
VGA LCD (920,000 pixel)

Hmmm.. promising. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Canon 50D ‘Specifications’

  1. The said ‘specifications’ were the first ones to get leaked out of Canon China’s website. That’s why I put the links where the leak came out so that people won’t get confused on this. I guess the official site is up making this one nil.

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