RPM 40 Tracklist!

I got the tracklist from one of my blog readers. Unfortunately, I still haven’t tried the 2 extra tracks of RPM 39 however I am still looking forward that one of the instructors that I am attending to will switch Tribal Dance and Where are You Now for that.

Now for the tracklist of the next release, here it is!

Pack Ride: If it’s In My Mind, It’s On My Face (Seal)
Pace: Do It Well (Moto Blanco Mix) (Jennifer Lopez)
Hills: Zombie (Andrew Spencer & Vamprockerz)
Mixed Terrain: Let Go (Paul Van Dyk feat. Rea Garvey)
Intervals: Reverse Psychology (Bomfunk MC’s)
Speed Work: Adelante (Sash!)
Mountain Climb: Heaven (Manian fet. Aila)
Ride Home: Good Life feat. T-Pain (Kanye West)
Stretch: I’ll Stand By You (The Pretenders)

At any rate, thanks again Zephyr. You still haven’t made yourself known to me. 😛


10 thoughts on “RPM 40 Tracklist!

  1. i think they have rpm challenge tonight, aug 8 in north edsa, so you can try the bonus tracks. today also is the launch of rpm 40, in australia.

  2. I’ve tried this RPM this morning (release was yesterday here in Holland), think it’s great! Except #4.. way to short :S and #8.. just don’t like that song.. But, the rest of the numbers are superb! Gonna be a very nice three months!

  3. RPM 40 is coming to Fitness First Clubs here in the Philippines this month. Even instructors are raving for the music. That means, everyone likes the groove. I heard track 3 already and it’s great!

  4. RPM 40 is brilliant. Having been doing it for 2 weeks in Devon England. Try to do at least 4 RPM classes a week ( work do more but work, duaghter and horse take up my time). RPM is the best workout have lost 2.5 stome doing it and no dieting. Did London to Paris cycle back in June and only did training with RPM.
    Take care

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