Back From Dos Palmas

I had a short respite in Dos Palmas, Palawan last weekend till Monday. I didn’t spend anything from my pocket to get there (except the airport terminal fees) since that’s a company sponsored team building event. As a self-confessed traveler myself, I never let this chance to slip away as Palawan is known as the last frontier of the Philippines. It boasts being the cleanest city in the Philippines and home to more than 1800 islands and islets.

Dos Palmas isn’t really that cheap but if you have the means, it’s a really must-see place. You can enjoy the hospitality given by the staff and I would say that you’ll have a worry free stay there. The courteous staff, the sumptuous food, facilities is superb. We don’t even have to check-in/check-out of the airport as they would be the one doing those for you and upon arrival, before you enter your room, your bags are already there. Other facilities that you wouldn’t thought exist there is WIFI, electricity, tap water, etc. In fact, to keep things in order, they have their own waste water facility that treats waste water coming from the island.

The whole resort spans the whole of Arreceffi Island in Honda Bay, Palawan. Getting there is around an hour from the wharf. Travel time to the wharf is approximately 25-30 minutes, depending on the traffic. The boat travel allows you to see other islets including the popular Snake Island. I was fortunate enough to see some islets that disappear on high tide.

There are a lot of recreational activities as well in Palawan. You can do kayaking, snorkeling, visit the mangrove trees, beach volleyball, swimming (in a pool) etc. You won’t get bored in that island as there are a lot of things to do. Unfortunately, we can only stay there only for 3 days. Despite our team building almost getting spoiled by typhoon Frank, we all enjoyed the fun and laughter with our colleagues.

A big kudos to the organizers of this teambuilding. This makes my stay in Emerson more fulfilling!

Goodbye Dos Palmas, till we meet again!


2 thoughts on “Back From Dos Palmas

  1. I am not familiar with the exact rates as we went there for a company team building. Just in case the information would be available to me, I’ll send it privately to your e-mail. 🙂

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