A Wrong Solution To A Problem

Photos by John Javellana

It’s enough and it ain’t getting better. I have been keeping my views on this for quite some time but my outrage have to be exposed and be heard.

A friend of mine posted this news article about the current government’s short term solution to the prevailing crisis on food, etc. To wit:

The cash subsidies, which will be distributed by the government-owned Land Bank of the Philippines through A.T.M.-like cards, “should provide immediate emergency assistance to the extremely poor,” Esperanza Cabral, the secretary of social welfare, said Sunday.

The program, at an estimated cost to the government of five billion pesos ($120 million) a year, is expected to benefit about 300,000 families in the poorest provinces. The plan is for each family to receive 500 pesos a month and an additional 300 pesos in monthly support per child, up to a maximum of three children. A typical Filipino household has more than three children.

Ah ok – I am paying taxes just to feed indolent people. People who usually shout at the streets clamoring for something that they don’t completely understand; people who join rallies and litter the streets with garbage afterwards. I do wonder why the government doesn’t think of the people who feed this country by virtue of taxes, people who work their assess off just to make the ends meet rather than those who continuous bear children that they cannot raise and provide well with the basic needs for nurturing and nourishment.

Yes it sounds rude but it’s reality. Why do we provide incentive to people who don’t exert any effort to make their lives better. Everyday I see bystanders that burns their stomachs with alcohol and bombard their lungs with nicotine almost all the time and leave them there afterwards. Some may say that this isn’t an economic problem but rather a peace an order solution to stop these people from moving against the government.

Oh c’mon, how long will this subsidy last? 500 a month plus 300 pesos per child, maximum of 3 children? That’s 1,400 pesos that we are throwing away without these people making anything in return like some sort of community service? Looking at the news, this subsidy costs more in the long run and eventually, we taxpayers will have to shoulder this while all the “beneficiaries” of this program (if they really receive the so-called “benefits”) continuously enjoy life lazily and clamor for more help without helping themselves).

The Arroyo administration’s allotments for social safety nets—including subsidies for rice prices and electricity consumption of poor families—have increased the national government’s (NG) debts in March.

The Department of Finance (DOF) said that the government borrowed P110 billion from domestic and foreign creditors—a three percent increase from February—resulting from liabilities brought about by importing rice and selling the grain at lower than market rates.

The government has “saved” themselves from the ordeal of misallocating funds stated in the 2008 budget by resorting to borrowing without clear direction on how would they get the funds as payment for the debts in support of the people aside from imposing more or increase existing taxes?

How I wished the government resorted to something that would yield better results if not in the near future but for something that will help alleviate existing problems that hinder us from developing. For example, rather than giving the money effortlessly, why not have them work on the streets as street cleaners, or any possible blue collar jobs available. Giving these people direct access to the funds is not an assurance that they will use it for the intended purpose.

Or maybe the government is just grooming themselves to have a better image to the largest voting populace for 2010 elections forgetting cases like this at the expense of the honest taxpayers and when they are being questioned for anomalous deals, they always insist on circumventing existing laws and invoke the f*ckin rule of law that the queen and her minions keep on bending?

And perhaps the government has lost their sense of being. Simply put they forgot that:

“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”
It’s too much. Really, too much.


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