Revisiting Oh-Eight Goals

In my blog during the start of the year (well not exactly, it’s a day after the first day), I aimed to reach certain goals and I would like to check if I remained committed to those. It’s been 6 months since I last wrote that entry and my progress might or might not stick to my goals:

To wit:

  1. Reduce spending on camera gear. The figures alone sounds alarming yet I am happy with my gear.
  2. Save more! If #1 is followed, this will happen.
  3. Lose at least 30 pounds in the next 6 months.
  4. Go to at least 2 Philippine destinations that I haven’t visited before.

1. Unfortunately, I broke my goal the month after I wrote that. I spent something for an ultra-wide glass (Canon EF-S 10-22) which up to know I am still paying. 😦

2. Goes to show because of #1, I wasn’t able to save well, but I am saving something for the rainy days. What’s good is that I have alternative sources of income – call that parallel income. 🙂

3. I only lost 20 pounds. Not bad from a target goal of 30 pounds but I’ll try to do my best to reach that. I plan to include swimming in my regimen to get a toning workout for myself. 🙂

4. I went to Batanes last February and I’m off to Dos Palmas this last week of June. 🙂
And I wasn’t that bad at all. Goals, like what I’ve said are better than resolutions. Resolutions are rehashed “promises” that we ourselves tend to break. If we focus ourselves attaining to something specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound (SMART), things would have been lot easier and goals can be easily reached.

How about yours? Have you checked your goals/resolutions lately?


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