Step Up Event

I was fortunate enough to cover the Step Up Event of Fitness First Ortigas last 29 May 2008. Dancing is one my passion but it seems like my body wasn’t cooperating well then and I’m a bit pissed off with the “mommies” who disregard the place where I am staying for the dance marathon and so I have decided to leave. Nonetheless, I graced to cover the event as I brought with me my camera then.

I brought with me my Canon 400D, 24-105 f4 lens, and my trusty flash (which seemed to cooperate well with me during that time). I was a bit wary if I can get good pictures as f4 lens isn’t that good enough for indoor shots, especially at night time plus the fact that it is on disco lights. It would be difficult for me to use my flash as I might distract some of the dancers on the floor. Inasmuch as I want to lessen my flash usage, I can’t stop myself but on certain situations only.

The photos are located in my Multiply site and comments and critique are welcome. This is my second time to cover an event (as in not family related), the first one being the baptism of the son of my colleague in the office. I am not much of a sports shooter though I think when shooting dancers, it is like sports photography where shutter speed matters most. The only limiting factor is that I am wide open only at f4. Now I am contemplating should I get a faster lens. 😦


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