5 or 4 Days?

I’m fixing certain items on my itinerary going to Hong Kong. While I am assured of the ticket, accommodation means a lot especially for an alien like me stepping into a foreign land. In contrast with my trip then to Singapore, this would be my first time going for a hostel – or simply a budget accommodation for backpackers. I should have gone to a hostel then but my “sponsor” offered his place to me since I won’t be able to concentrate much on my training on a loud place. I was able to make my reservations but eventually cancelling it voiding the 10% downpayment that I made.

Going back on the trip, I will be out of the country for 5 days. My trip going out would be 5 in the morning and I assume a 2-hour flight going to HK and our return trip would be at 11 am in the morning. I am wondering in booking for accommodations, given that scenario, would you book for 5 days or 4 days?  I am thinking that if the “cut-off” would be 12 noon, it would be 4 days only.


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