Confusing Banking with BPI

I first encountered the ease of using Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI) with my friend when I accompanied him buying gifts for Christmas. I was surprised to know that BPI’s Express Payment System (EPS) has no finance charges when used for cashless shopping as opposed to Bancnet’s (which is in my case is China Bank) that has finance charges for every transaction.

When I transferred company last year, I am glad to know that our payroll is with BPI and as a “depositor”, I can enjoy the ease of cashless shopping as well as other perks of online payments for credit cards (for BPI of course) and other merchants affiliated with them at no extra cost. Imagine the time saved from falling in line in various payment centers when all of these can be done in front of the computer’s monitor.

However, I am quite confused with the services that BPI is providing in their different type of branches. “Discrimination” would be the best term as I would put on several occassions I had a bad experience with them particularly the branch along Emerald Avenue (near Jollibee). During Christmas 2007 period, I requested for 4,000 pesos worth of 20 peso bills and they have gracefully accepted my reservation. However when I was about to claim it, they told me that they don’t exchange with non-depositors of the branch since they don’t have “allocation” for them. Quite ironic, during the time they were signing-up for exchange, they accepted my reservation, thus my request allocation is included in their reserves and when I was about to claim it, they rejected me outright. I only had an exchange in the nearby Metrobank branch where I was a then credit card holder.

Second was about the online bills payment wherein I think the personnel from that branch threw my application form. Almost three weeks ago, I submitted my enrollment form for our telephone bill (Bayantel) to the same branch where I submitted my credit card enrollment form. Instead of accepting it, they were quite hesitant from receiving due to reasons that “they can’t accept it”, “this is not your branch” or whatsoever. However, if you would notice on the content on their merchant enrollment website (the printed copy), it states that the application can be submitted to any BPI branch – with no declaration of being the “normal” bank and the family savings one. Even when confronted with the said clause, they are still hesitant on receiving it and I am wondering why they are doing it that way.

I do hope BPI would improve their services especially on inter-branch transactions. I hope it is as easy as the way doing banking online.


3 thoughts on “Confusing Banking with BPI

  1. I think BPI really should exert more effort into emphasizing that BPI and BPI Family Bank are different entities with different rules. They should also make it clear whether BPI Express branches are under BPI or BPI Family. I think clearing up that matter will make huge inroads to clearing up most of the confusion.

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