I’m Nominated

If you would notice the first comment entry in my previous post, it indicated there that my blog is nominated for the “Filipino Blog of The Week”. The said “ranking” (or whatever more appropriate term as you would put) was created by the Composed Gentleman and I saw that the list has been running on its third year now.

This “nomination” came as a surprise as I don’t have that much new entries for the previous week as I am too busy with my training as well as I am too pre-occupied with my work, non-work, choir, moonlight, training obligations and I find it difficult to balance my time given them. Add to it the unusual internet connection I have in our house and sometimes, because of the frustration I am experiencing with dial-up connection (yes, I am still a proud dial-up connection customer) where pages seem to take forever to load, I’d rather sleep my way to the bed or do something else that might earn me some moolah. 😛

Nonetheless, if you feel like that I am “worthy” to be placed as the “Filipino Blog of The Week”, you can vote for me. Ahehehe. However, if you would browse on the link I placed above, I can’t seem to find the link to the voting area. At any rate, win or lose, rain or shine, you’ll still hear more from me. 🙂



2 thoughts on “I’m Nominated

  1. Yes, I already saw it. But either way, I don’t know if I made it or not but nonetheless, I still enjoy what I am doing with or without the recognition. 🙂

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