RPM 39 Tracklist

Because a lot of people are looking for the tracklist. And because there’s an RPM instructor that provided me the list, and so I am sharing it to you as well. Whoever you are Zephyr, I owe you a burger. LOL! However, you have to introduce yourself to me as well to avail it. 😛

Pack Ride: September (Kirk Franklin)
Pace: Who Knew (P!nk)
Hills: Tribal Dance (2 Unlimited)
Mixed Terrain: Amazing (Thin White Duke Edit) (Seal)
Intervals: Kickstart My Heart (Motley Crue)
Speed Work: Where Are You Now? (Ian Van Dahl)
Mountain Climb: Blast The Speakers (Warp Brothers)
Ride Home: Flashing Lights feat. Dwele (Kanye West)
Stretch: Change (Sugababes)
Bonus Hills: Hello (Good To Be Back) (Scooter)
Bonus Speed Work: Silence (Delerium)

If I am not mistaken, this will be launched on July 2008 here in the Philippines! Exciting!


16 thoughts on “RPM 39 Tracklist

  1. Zephyr in the sky at night I wonder Do my tears of mourning sink beneath the sun…..


    am really excited with this release too. a lot of good and familiar songs….

  2. we just launched this release 3 weeks ago here in Sydney and its one of my favorites.you will sweat a lot.

  3. Hello,

    I heard that RPM 39 is indeed an 11 track workout. I’m too excited for this one but even if RPM 38 is due for replacement, I still love doing it. RPM is really something I love to do. Great music, great workout!

  4. salut toi tu as de bon idées de partager le rpm 39 VIDEO ET MUSIC C EST POSSIBLE ?

  5. Hello Momo, I don’t completely understand what you are trying to say but if you are referring to the music and video of RPM 39, that is something I cannot provide not just for the reason that I am NOT an instructor but that’s sheer piracy. 🙂

  6. I hate RPM 39, it’s the worst release ever. The songs have no beat which gives you no rhythm in riding, but i guess it’s what you make of it yourself. Looking forward to going back to old releases!

  7. I haven’t tried RPM 39 myself as this release will be launched sometime in July. Given that, I don’t know yet if I will share the same comment as you have.

  8. 39 is a good release. Track 3 and 7 are tough! especially Mountain Climb, with the pull back position on standing attack – Killer! Music wise doesnt beat my all time fave 38 tho – true believer is a brilliant hill climb track

  9. 38 is my well loved release as well, particularly true believer. the lyrics alone will push you up to do the track with the resistance of the instructor, or even heavier! ride on!

  10. rpm 39 is not bad, a lot better than rpm 38. while rpm 38 has the best track 3 ever (true believer), it also has the worst track 2 (bridge over troubled water).

  11. RPM 40

    Pack Ride: If it’s In My Mind, It’s On My Face (Seal)
    Pace: Do It Well (Moto Blanco Mix) (Jennifer Lopez)
    Hills: Zombie (Andrew Spencer & Vamprockerz)
    Mixed Terrain: Let Go (Paul Van Dyk feat. Rea Garvey)
    Intervals: Reverse Psychology (Bomfunk MC’s)
    Speed Work: Adelante (Sash!)
    Mountain Climb: Heaven (Manian fet. Aila)
    Ride Home: Good Life feat. T-Pain (Kanye West)
    Stretch: I’ll Stand By You (The Pretenders)

  12. I’m looking for a song…. I dont know the tittle…. this is my way!!!!thats what I remember from the class (rpm).

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