Missed “Opportunity”?

I received a seemingly harmless SMS from a certain person who works for “Wheel of Fortune” on ABS-CBN. The guy told me to come to ABS-CBN center gate entrance on 19 May 2008 for the screening process as a potential contestant on the said show.

I initially reacted as if this is a scam since as far as I know, official communication of possible contestants’ screening would be via a less than 7 digit number from the provider. Also, since I worked previously with GMA NMI, in a bit, communications should be through formal channels. However, my previous experience in participating in “Game KNB?” last September 2005 was almost similar to this scenario so there is a big chance of this invitation as true. Besides, on the infancy stage of the program, I already sent my intent to join through SMS.


I do have a training on that day. I cannot attend. I sent an SMS to the person if my “screening” can be moved to the following week but he hasn’t replied yet. If this is not a hoax, then this is a missed opportunity.

And life is unfair. 😦


One thought on “Missed “Opportunity”?

  1. There are a lot of scam going on so be careful ! I think even if you miss them it will not be a hindrance to have great opportunity waiting for you out there. Goodluck !

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