Hong Kong Tips?

Uh, ok. I took the bait. I am flying to Hongkong. I originally intend to go Vietnam for a possible photo shoot (and I think they have better tourist spots than HK) but going there alone might not be a good idea. My first travel outside the country was a bit “safer” as someone would welcome me from the airport and fortunately stayed in their place saving me money should I book a hostel. Hongkong would be a good destination for me since as a photography enthusiast, I can buy cheaper gears there than here in the Philippines and maybe I can complete the filters line-up that I am eyeing. Not only that, I can do a side-trip to Macau, if possible. And of course, I am not travelling alone.

However, my flight is still months away but at the least I am quite secured with the ticket – that’s the one that is so difficult to acquire so I’d rather book it as early as possible. Although I am quite fortunate that I still have enough time to scout for an accommodation in HK. If anyone of you have some answers to my questions, feel free to comment below:

1. Where would be the best place to stay? The choices for the hostel that we are looking at are the following: Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, Kowloon, Mongkok, Tsim Sha Tsui.

2. Cheapest yet acceptable place to stay in the answer in #1. I am not sure if true but according to some readings over the internet, Tsim Sha Tsui is the nearest accommodation location for shops of photography gears.

3. We might do a side-trip to Macau, another thing to consider your answer to #1.

4. Suggested itinerary to make the lowest expenses yet enjoyable experience in Hongkong?

5. Approximate budget of 300 USD for 5 days stay excluding shopping.

I hope I do not sound demanding. Either way, I am just a poor guy who wants to travel. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Hong Kong Tips?

  1. Answer to #1-#3: Tsim Sha Tsui. It’s closest to the photg gear shops, it’s closest to the pier to Macau, and from what I remember, there’s a lot of inexpensive places to stay there. We’re going there next week, matter of fact. Kelan ka pupunta?

    #4: I’ll get back to you. I’m fixing our itinerary pa lang. Haha!

  2. Hi Patrick, why not visit Europe? I can make you a tour. I am a Filipina married to French. We created a blog of our own because we both like traveling. As I surf I found your site and like the others, your site is interesting. I would like to see photos here soon of Hongkong, never been there though! I have included you in my links, if you don’t mind! Thanks a lot and goodluck on your picture taking adventure 😀 !

  3. Hello Haze,

    Europe would be my dream destination, particularly France and Paris. However, I think I still have to earn for that one as my current financial capacity prevents me to. The ease of travelling to neighboring Asian countries is because of the no-Visa requirement as well as the budget airlines flying within the region. At any rate, thanks for visiting my site and of course, I’ll fill up my site with pictures. 🙂

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