Cebu Pacific Zero Fare!

Cebu Pacific is having another round of sale flights. The cost below is the Manila-SG-Manila flight booked for September 2008. Maybe after the mess that they had with their ticketing system before (dunno if it still have it right now), this is a better way of making up for that one.

Now I am thinking if I am going to Vietnam or Singapore. Hmmm.


8 thoughts on “Cebu Pacific Zero Fare!

  1. If you haven’t been to Vietnam go there na lang! It really depends on what you’re looking for though. If you want to visit a modern city go to Singapore, If you want to see a place where the old and the new collide, go to Vietnam, specifically Hanoi. 🙂

    I treated my girlfriend and my parents to a Shanghai trip because it was so cheap!

  2. Vietnam sana for the pichur pichur. Kaya lang parang mahirap magtravel mag-isa. Next time na yung Vietnam. I’ve been to Singapore na pero HK serves dual purpose, vacation and scouting for new camera gear.

  3. Just a warning about Cebu Pacific. Zero or discounted fare bookings mean that you are the first to be bumped off from a flight in case there are cancellations. Overbooking is a common practice with a budget airline like Cebu Pacific. Be prepared too if your flight gets 6-8 hrs delayed. Have a back up plan in case this happens to you. Worse, bring that extra cash you saved by booking with them (vs. booking with a more reliable airline) and be ready to spend it for an extra night in a hotel in case you get stranded because Cebu Pacific will not shoulder that cost, unlike other airlines who pay for their passengers’ food and lodging. Again, just a warning and I hope the horrors that other Cebu Pacific passengers went through both in local and international flight segments do not happen to you. They can surely ruin someone’s vacation, honeymoon or wedding without offering much explanation except their classic line “Sorry for the inconvenience.”

  4. Thanks for the notification. As far as I am concerned, I’m a bit prepared for that. Oh well, I think on this scenario, I am thinking of a positive outcome as this is a “peak” season.

  5. Vietnam would be next trip after my next out of the country trip to Hongkong. 🙂

    Besides, there’s no existing fare sale so I need to prepare some moolah should I decide to get out again.

  6. Booked a trip to Macau direct from Cebu based on zero fares. Well, on June 11 Cebu Pacific simply sent an email that our flights to and from Macau on August 6 and 10 are cancelled and that “sorry for the inconvenience” Can you believe their gall? I asked them to book us on another Cebu-Macau-Cebu flight on any month at all. I have even booked our hotel in advance. They want us to rebook to Hongkong. If we wanted to go to Hongkong we would have bought that ticket, right??? We got the ticket so we could go direct to Macau not someplace else. Up to now, they have not responded nor called us yet regarding another schedule for Macau. Consider this a WARNING for those who purchased their tickets in advance, don’t be too excited about your trip and make sure you don’t book a hotel yet coz your flights might be cancelled after all.

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