Hey Manager

It’s been more than a week since I posted my last entry and perhaps work has taken a toll over me and with what happened in the past week really irked me a lot.

As most of my friends know, I workout at Fitness First and despite the ills of the said gym, I don’t have any qualms staying there. If I am to weigh the pros and cons of the gym, it is more logical and practical for me to stay – but not for now.

Inasmuch as I want to keep my issues private between me (and perhaps other Club North Edsa members) and the management, their deafening silence and apathy towards members’ concerns is too much to bear. After 5 “Hey Manager” cards (aka, cards to the proper authorities for members’ concerns), I haven’t heard from them much more any action to make the concerned party informed of the status of his complaint (or whatever concern).

May 3, 2008 was the launch date of the Les Mills classes and I was able to attend the first class to launch which is Body Jam. The Group Exercise Manager for North Edsa (just call the person GXM) informed the people that he indeed “heard” the concerns raised by the members particularly the changing of schedules for the weekend classes. He did mention that the reason for moving the classes is to have “more” attendees for the classes and he’ll ask for more funds to accommodate more classes. This reasoning is a big BULLSHIT quite unacceptable for me. You may classify it as a “selfish” motive on my part but let me state the Les Mills classes affected:


  • Saturday Classes: 12:30pm moved to 12:00 noon. 4:30pm moved to 5:30pm.
  • Sunday Class: 2:30pm moved to 12:00 noon.

Body Jam

  • Sunday Class: 3:15pm moved to 5:30pm.

And as a result, many people are confused why the change of schedule. Personally, I asked myself why change the schedule when in fact the classes are always enough to meet the minimum number of participants and the old schedule of Body Jam is always full. I attended the 12:00 noon schedule last Saturday and the instructor was surprised that the class was less than average. For a 40-seater cycling class, from a then averaged 33 students per class, it went down to 19 – not even half of the room’s capacity.

Now, it doesn’t need rocket science to understand that if the trend continues this way, it would be harder for GXM to ask for more funds to add more classes. If existing classes don’t make the required number of participants, how can you ask for more funds for more classes? How can you please clients who are pioneer members of the club when the reasons you give isn’t fair enough for them? How hard would it be for the GXM to ask the instructors if they are amenable with the changed schedule? How hard would it be for the GXM to understand that time is of essence and why clients like me is angry about the change in schedule? In the Club North Edsa’s existence, it is only now that I felt that I am not heard and the fact that management is not listening is truly discouraging for members to stay.

I love staying at Fitness First inasmuch as I loathe the ills of the said gym. But until they make concrete actions on legitimate client concerns, they are giving enough reasons for members to leave and discourage any sign-ups.

Are we heard or not? Hello?


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