According To Bo

My colleague Dinha posted this line which is according to Bo Sanchez.

When someone doesn’t like to be your friend, just walk off and go on your merry way.

Life is too beautiful to be sad at one person’s rejection.

I am not particular on what publication or talk did he originally mention this but it is quite meaningful not only about the people who surround us but about the relationships we have with them. The post is reflective for me as I look back with the previous things that happened to me both in my professional and personal life.

The second line tells it all. Enjoy life!


2 thoughts on “According To Bo

  1. ako may pinatutungkulan talaga akong tao sa post na yan. i hope mabasa nga nya e. it’s a long story pero, i hope she gets what i mean. madali kasi ako malungkot kapag nare-reject ng kaibigan e..drama! =)

  2. Well, ces’t la vie! Nonetheless, I used to dwell on other’s rejection but then I’ve realized that there are some people who would only use you for their own advantage. After that, nah. So I’d rather enjoy my life as if I’ve never met that person.

    Some people are really meant to cross our life, but only a few touch our life. No worries, enjoy life!

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