Should diaspora be still an option?

My mother bugged me again yesterday morning when I was eating my breakfast. She was about to leave for Bataan to visit some of my relatives. The “mama’s boy” (she likes to make lambing to me always) that I am, she told me “Patrick, mag-abroad ka na para makasunod ako” (Translation: Patrick, work in other countries so that I can follow). The resilient me said “Nye, anong gagawin ko doon? ‘Masaya’ naman ako sa trabaho ko” (What will I do there? I am quite ‘happy’ with my work – take note of the qualified quote on ‘happy’). And so the traditional discussion went on and the usual me just said “yes, whatever, uh, ok” and then she left.

Not that I don’t look forward working in another country (actually several persons whom I consider “close” already know where I am going when the time comes – thanks for our HR people who catalyzed my LBM aka “Looking for Better Management” mode) but the recent economic situation tells me that it is better to stay. Inasmuch as I wanted to save more for the bachelor’s pad I am eyeing, seems like it is more logical to stay here in the long term scenario – work and have a parallel income. I do have a “part time” project as I want to build a portfolio of my self-made web applications which I will use to boost my planned ISV business. Of course, I would always want to have a business of my own not because of joining the bandwagon of people who wanted to start on their own nor I do have large funds of starting one but I think this is one of the best ways to further improve my craft not only as a developer but also as a manager of my own.

Singapore has always been a favorable destination among Filipino IT professionals since the pay there is ‘big’ as compared here in the Philippines and personally, for a work-home type lifestyle, the environment there is quite conducive for me. However with the recent news, it is quite clear that the hardships that we are currently experiencing in the Philippines is not isolated from the rest of the world. I can’t specifically quantify how “big” salaries go in Singapore (or in other countries as well) but with the worldwide recession (increasing oil prices and basic commodities’ prices, etc) it would be hard to lobby for a higher salary should you move out and of course, companies should also look after the long-term financial projections for their businesses.

Philippines, is no doubt is still a place where the cost of living is low. While prices go high, it is still low as compared to its neighboring countries. But still, I am not discounting that I might eat up whatever I mentioned here. Then again, confusion comes once in a while on whether should I stay or should I go.

Oh well, c’est la vie.


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