Desktop or Laptop?

I have been scouting for a new computer to work on for my “business”. I am either looking for a desktop or laptop but leaning more on the former as I can get a cheaper computer that has a certain specification as compared to a same specification laptop. Here in the Philippines, a Core 2 Quad desktop machine with a 22″ LCD monitor can cost me almost 50k while a decent Core 2 Duo machine will cost me more than 50k. While a bit underpowered, the laptop can provide me the mobility while the desktop can’t. Also, my primary purpose for having one is for development reasons and trying to revive the old gamer person in me (which I gave up when I was still in 3rd year high school).

One of the reasons why I don’t lean much on laptops is that the speed of its depreciation and sometimes after a short period, a better powered laptop would come out at either the same price range or even less than what you have bought for your own. Moreover, I still have my laptop with me only that the battery is busted and I have to have it plugged in to work.

Yesterday, I attended a Speaker’s Training at the Microsoft Philippines office and one of our speakers is Wowie Wong which is one of the marketing guys at Intel. The mobility guy that he is, he mentioned that an 18k desktop has a higher total cost of ownership (TCO) versus a 30k laptop on the basis of electricity consumption. Typically a desktop runs on 500 watts power supply and a laptop is obviously lower. He gave a good view that indeed, a desktop consumes more electricity than the laptop. And now I am more confused and torn between the two.

Desktop or laptop?


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