And I Am Not Flying Cebu Pacific

And I think I am pretty much convinced that flying Philippine Airlines is better than Cebu Pacific, for now, until their online ticketing system gets fixed.


Because of this and this, and perhaps more to come.

Perhaps, it doesn’t need rocket science to understand this and some Chinese guy might be soooooo angry because of this.

And the local media will make a sensationalized story out of this. I’ll wait for the official statement of Cebu Pacific out of this mess.

Oh well.


4 thoughts on “And I Am Not Flying Cebu Pacific

  1. I have a lot of regrets why i took cebu pacific for my recent trip from manila to cebu last may 11, 2008. My flight which is supposedly 1045 am, was delayed and transferred to 1245 sans prior notification to its passengers. Deteriorating customer service is not only the perennial dilemma that this airline is dumbfounded about. What aggravates my ordeal with cebu pacific was when we arrived in mactan cebu international airport having our other luggage containg our dress, pants, shorts, shoes and other valuable items missing. Banking on the assurance of the airport personnel that they would make follow ups as to the whereabouts our luggage over 1 month now our luggage is still unrecovered. Worst there is no complaint section or customer service department in any of cebu pacific office here in cebu. I don’t know how could i recover my luggage.

  2. I’m sorry for your case. Actually, I’m flying with Cebu Pacific again this year. 2 times to be exact. My last trip to Cagayan De Oro was indeed 2 hours late. My dad was already in the airport based on my ETA and yet the plane that will take me there hasn’t arrived yet. My other trip is going to Hong Kong. I am not yet sure how they fare when it comes to international destinations but I try to promise myself not to fly with them anymore. Just so happen that sometimes, it is irresistible to get the plane fares from them. If the cost that I will be saving from booking Cebu Pacific as opposed to PAL is the same fee (or even greater) because of their disservice, then I think PAL is the best option to go.

    The saying, what you pay is what you get is so true with Cebu Pacific.

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