25,000 Hits!

I just noticed that my blog hit the 25,000 mark. Not bad for a not-so-popular blogger who had his blog in the past period of less than two years. In my experience, the past year brought the surge of hits primarily for the Ayala Trinoma blog entries and next are the technology related blogs for ASP.NET and Sourcesafe Automation. Good thing for WordPress.com is that they provide their users with a stats page that help the users track the progress of blog hits in a prescribed period. Also, I can also monitor which entries of mine are “popular” among the rest.

What’s in it for me? In the financial aspect, I don’t see it helpful for me as wordpress.com doesn’t allow its users to put Google Adsense in their blogs. I could have earned a lot from this and perhaps I have some money to spend (eh, hehehe). But kidding aside, the figure (hits) alone means a lot for me especially on the things that I am writing. While I try not to be a blog celebrity (and I am not aiming for one), making someone informed or smiled from my entry is enough for me to keep on writing.

My future plans on this blog are the following:

  • Move it to my own hosting site (e.g. blog in my personal site)
  • So that with #1, I can put ad sense, earn money
  • Separate technology topics from politics, personal, e.g. topics

I don’t know yet which one of these will materialize but to those who read my blog, thanks for being part of the 25,000. 🙂


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