My Passport Is Itching

It’s been almost two years since I last traveled outside the country and my passport is itching to be stamped again by immigration authorities. I initially plan to go back to Singapore this September for 2 cows (in Filipino, isang bakasyon at baka-sakali sa [trabaho]. LOL!) and for the F1 race as well but I also want to visit Malaysia as well.

As with my experience flying, I still prefer PAL over Cebu Pacific in the name of convenience and service. I don’t really mind in the inflight food since I usually sleep throughout the duration of a travel. With a price difference of 1,200 (Manila-Singapore flight via PAL vis a vis Cebu Pacific) – I think PAL would be a good choice over Cebu Pacific. BUT, when I checked the Manila-Malaysia plane ticket, that costs 16,000 which is 7,000 higher than the Manila-SG flight despite the latter is farther than the Philippines.

Do you have any suggestion on how can I avail this two-country vacation as cheap yet worthwhile as possible?


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