Lap Around Visual Studio 2008

On Thursday, come and join the Philippine .NET Users Group (PHINUG) on their breakout session titled “Windows Presentation Foundation” Using Visual Studio 2008 Lap Around Visual Studio 2008. While other UGs will have a session of their own, PHINUG will also host some mini-sessions in their booth on Windows Live Services, LINQ, Language Enhancements of C# and VB.NET, ASP.NET 3.5 to be delivered by various members of PHINUG.

The event would be hosted with the launch wave of Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008 here in the Philippines on 10 April 2008

On the launch date, we will be raffling off exam vouchers every hour commencing at 0900H on the launch day and as a grand prize, we’re raffling off a Technet Plus Subscription to any registered member of PHINUG.

If you’re not yet a member of PHINUG, you can sign-up here. We hope to see you in our event and learn more of the new technologies from Microsoft.

Edit: PHINUG’s presentation would be delivered by three speakers. The Windows Presentation Foundation in Visual Studio 2008 shall be delivered in a separate PHINUG Tech Sharing or an in-house MSDN session.


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