Of Photography, et. al

I had the chance of meeting some of the top photographers in the Philippines last Saturday c/o Digital Photographer Philippines (DPP). I don’t have an exact idea on what would exactly happen since I am relatively a “newbie” when it comes to photography and I might be another fish in the ocean in that gathering. Nonetheless, after struggling for a slot, I made it to the 2nd to the last list of non-subscribers (but hey, DPP is in my monthly budget – it’s just that I am not a fan of subscriptions especially when it gets late and non-subscribers sometimes get the mag first than the subscribers. I am not saying DPP is as I am not their subscriber but would be safe to say that I don’t like subscriptions at all).

Together with Adrian, we went to the event venue which is in Manila Golf Club. This is not where the hamborjer can be found but somewhere else. Luckily for him, he has been to an EB before (in Makati too) and of course, he met some familiar places, while me, the novice aka “virgin” to DPP events, seem to be lost when I’m not beside Adrian. I do see familiar faces by name but my assumption/s might be wrong so better hear the name from others than to humiliate myself. While waiting for the event to start, I lurked around the sponsors area and I got myself a triple interface (Firewire, USB 2.0, eSATA) 500GB Western Digital Hard Drive for Php 5,800. A lot cheaper than the 100GB portable hard drive (which I got for Php 8,900 last February 2007) and cheaper than the ones currently sold in Villman (Php 6,990) and other stores (playing between 6,800-9,000) as well. Only caveat then was I have to pay in cash – full.

The event started almost past four but everyone is still OK. Of course, the former acquaintances meet again and as the emcee (called Koya Derick), he saw new and old faces in the gathering. After the food was served, various speakers went up talking about different topics in photography. The following were the speakers (in order of appearance):

Gutsy Tuason– Shooting Underwater
Wawi Navarroza– Photography as Fine Art
Wig Tysmans– Live demonstration on Portraiture and Portrait Lighting
Prof Sam Molina– Learning How to See
Pilar Tuason– Wedding Photography
Jay Jallorina– How to Post Process Landscapes

During Wig Tysman’s talk, they set-up two lights and I was able to get a photo of the Managing Director of DPP, Nick Tuason when he volunteered himself as a “model” that has built-in headlights.

This is the shot of Mr. Jay Jallorina – photographer of the inspiring wide angle landscape shots. I do admire his shots and his works truly inspires one to excel in photography. Visit his multiply site and be awed.

We ended up around 2230H but everyone was still eager for the raffle prizes. I just got a Canon shirt which just goes well with my 400D DSLR and luckily, the shirt fits well. At the end of each discussion, I learned a lot from the speakers, may not be necessarily to the technicals of photography but some of the things about the approach to photography. What I liked the most was the last speaker, not only that his topic interests me (ahm 2nd to Wis Tysman as I consider myself more into portraits and interested with lighting) but he was able to impart some lessons to the audience. I may not remember his exact words but it has something to do with beliefs in photograhy. His was “light”, “long exposures”, and “UWA”. He also quoted Galen Rowell and how he was influenced by that guy.

While I haven’t met that much people, the experience alone is truly a memorable one. No group hug happened in the event (perhaps, it was too late already to do one) but the lessons given by each speaker is something that cannot be learned elsewhere. It’s nice to be a part of the group who enjoy the same craft as you are enjoying and not only that they enjoy what they’re doing but also passionate about the craft.

Perhaps, Caltex’s line in their previous commercial is right: PASSION, IT’S WHAT DRIVES YOU. And so I am driven to do more in photography. No, I’m not breaking my New Year’s Goal once again – I’m not gonna buy a new camera gear in the near future. It’s just that, I’ll make the most of what I currently have and take advantage of that “light”.

Thanks DPP, Nick, Pilar, Nino, and the rest of the guys and gals, YOU ROCK!


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